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"Too Much"????

I was reading some of the latest reviews about the tour we are about to embark upon (Berlin/Prague/Vienna) next week. The first one started off with "Too much history, too little free time etc". Reviewer gave one star and suggested that the itineraries need to be tinkered with. What the heck???

I've been to Europe many times and planned our own itineraries for years - that is why I so appreciate the RS approach to incorporating history/art/culture (and yes - food) into one or two weeks. That reason is why so many of us do choose these tours. When I read someone saying "too much history" or "too much art" (which I did hear someone from a Steves tour saying in our hotel breakfast room last year -we weren't on the tour - just chose the same hotel that we stayed in with a RS group) I just throw up my hands and wonder why these people opted to sign up - the tour literature certainly stresses the focus on education.

Maybe it's because I was a history major and ended up with a graduate degree that I'm drawn to Europe. Europe is living history - all the years of wars and conflicts have left indelible marks on the lands and the people and their art/architecture/music. For someone to go on this particular tour which is in the virtual center of medieval through 21st century changes/discoveries and atrocities to suggest that the tour itineraries need to be looked at - well, I've no words except I glad I wasn't in this person's group.

This person should look at beach vacations in the future or cruises to the tropics.

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I also read that review and had exactly the same reaction. The history and the art are why I take these tours. I am also taking the BPV tour (starting 9/29), and looking forward to learning about more modern European history. This particular trip would not seem to be everyone's cup of tea.

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Anyone who doesn't want a bunch of "culture" as part of their travels is free to do it on their own. It's cheaper that way and all your time is "free." I took some tours and discovered I could skip almost anything that didn't interest me.

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Bravo for what you've said! Each to his own.

Berlin, Prague and Vienna are all great cities and anyone that goes 4-5 days in each will not come close to taking in all the city has to offer.

I'm sure you're going to have a great time.

My first trip to Europe in 1970 was on a very large tour, and the logistics of moving 200 people from Munich to Vienna to Venice to Zurich was frightening. When I cannot walk well is when I'll be taking more tours.

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Hi Julie, I'd guess that this was the first time the person took a RS tour and that they weren't very familiar with his approach to travel. Just watching one RS program or taking a look at a guidebook would make it clear that Rick is teaching us about Europe. My first RS tour was Paris in 7 Days and when I got home I remember thinking that my head was going to explode from all the things I'd learned, the museums, sites, etc. I had a wonderful time and really felt like I got lot out of a short vacation. Just signed up for tour #6 and looking forward to it!

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Good grief, is there such a thing as too much history or art?! As another poster said, Europe is living history and I'm thrilled to be able to immerse myself in it. I don't do guided tours, but on my recent trip to Austria and Hungary I did my research and packed in plenty of museums, picking the ones I knew had the kind of art and items that I particularly love to see, and leaving room to discover others, like the Wien Stadt museum in Vienna. I left several museums and historic locations un-seen because I most certainly plan to return.

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I think my main irritation with that particular reviewer was that she wrote something about the tour activities need to be "reviewed and changed" after her comment about "too much history". Anyone can realize too late that the tour was not meant for them - probably happens all the time. However to state on a forum that the tour should be changed because she didn't like it smacks a little of the DYKWIA attitudes of today.

I fully intend to enjoy the entire 12 days next week.


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A tour means a planned package. Meaning - some activities you may like, some you may not. One should just enjoy the trip and accept the differences as part of a tour. Plus, this traveler probably could have taken a half day off from the group to pursue her own thing in cooperation with the guide. The guide is not forcing her to participate against her will. I am sure others have taken time away from the group for health/fitness reasons or simply to take a break.

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For myself, as for many others on here, there is no such thing as too much history or art. But some people don't feel that way and I respect that. Some get burnt out on too many cathedrals/chateaux/art museums, etc. (me never) and that's certainly understandable. However, unless they are chained to the group and the tour guide, they should be able to opt out of some of those and find something else to do during that time rather than complaining about it.