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Tourist Scams

Know the game

Tourists are targeted by scam and rip-off artists everywhere in Europe. If you know the games (spilling the mustard, bus 64 in Rome, and so on), you're less likely to be a victim. By sharing the latest scams (and learning from each others' mistakes) we'll all travel more safely.

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Pick Pocket Safety
Laura 21
Pickpockets and other tourist scams
horsewoofie 17
Pick Pockets & Money Belts.
Amanda 14
Prague Scams on the Charles Bridge
travl3r84 1
blw9455 6
Priority Pass membership
mcguinness.anita 12
Rail Protection Price Scam
b_artz 11
Railroad Station in Prague
Steve 6
Railroad ticket change scam, Schiphol Train Station
cascade dan 18
Random Passport Checks: Real or Fake Police?
marc 43
Reasons locals don't use moneybelts
LIZinPA 67
Receipts & Debit Overcharges - Just a Note
ampshetler 15
Renters Beware -- VRBO Coronavirus Refund Policy is Toothless
Andy 13
RFID pockets, are they worth it, do they work?
bonnieamarsh 8
Rick Steve's warnings about Viator
domwild 14
Rick Steves was Pickpocketed
Pilgrim 58
Ripped off by official bus company ticket seller at Uzunçayir bus station, Istanbul
Philip 2
Robbed at Rome Termini Train Station
KC 35
Rome: Pickpockets on Escalators
AVogan 9
Rome "Taxi" scam at FCO
sharon.mcdaniel 16
Rome tour guides
hlbrechin 5
Roosport running wallet
Nicole 2
Rovinj Istria Croatia- Harbour Market Fruit - Thief
suzanne.thras... 1
Safe to leave bags checked at train station?
djgeppert 11
Safety of Multiple Passports
gneissgrl 28
Salt Mines Berchtesgaden
RafaFan 3
Sardinia - attempted scam
istrychem3 15
Scammed! Update: Travel agent was arrested yesterday (12/11/17)!
horsewoofie 116
Scam on train departing Rome
ediebabbe 4
Scams: descriptions all in one place!
Kathleen 9
Scams still in Liguria/Genoa region
ABSea 12
Securing backpacks during transit?
britt.erin 16
Security Breach at SeaTac Airport
jan 8
Security checks and money belts
bnuckols 7
Security Concern in Germany?
gritz 15
Security Pocket Underwear/Tanks
martha546 7
Sending CC# over email?
La Paz 17
Service charges added onto bills in Italy
world... 14
Short Change
Bob 6
Sigh....debit card hacked
jillmc 27
“Sitting ducks pay $177 for lunch at Trattoria da Romano, Burano, Italy”
phogenson 53
Skip Lisbon Trolley 28E!
geezloueez6 6
Slashed tire rental car scam
janetnoble 24
Snap Travel
M. E. 4
So are you saying that our Euros can expire? Or get too old?
Shelley 28
Some poetic justice for thieves.....
Ken 0
Sound familiar
jayhamps 16
So You'd Like A Room On The First Floor......
Bill 18
"Speeding" ticket - a year later!
burknett 12
speeding tickets in Italy
novak000 16