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Tourist Scams

Know the game

Tourists are targeted by scam and rip-off artists everywhere in Europe. If you know the games (spilling the mustard, bus 64 in Rome, and so on), you're less likely to be a victim. By sharing the latest scams (and learning from each others' mistakes) we'll all travel more safely.

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Rome: Pickpockets on Escalators
AVogan 9
Rome "Taxi" scam at FCO
sharon.mcdaniel 16
Rome tour guides
hlbrechin 5
Roosport running wallet
Nicole 2
Rovinj Istria Croatia- Harbour Market Fruit - Thief
suzanne.thras... 1
Safe to leave bags checked at train station?
djgeppert 11
Safety of Multiple Passports
gneissgrl 30
Sardinia - attempted scam
istrychem3 15
Scammed! Update: Travel agent was arrested yesterday (12/11/17)!
horsewoofie 116
Scam on train departing Rome
ediebabbe 4
Scams: descriptions all in one place!
Kathleen 9
Scams still in Liguria/Genoa region
ABSea 12
Securing backpacks during transit?
britt.erin 16
Security Breach at SeaTac Airport
jan 8
Security checks and money belts
bnuckols 7
Security Concern in Germany?
kg 15
Security Pocket Underwear/Tanks
martha546 7
Sending CC# over email?
La Paz 17
Service charges added onto bills in Italy
world... 14
Short Change
Bob 6
Sigh....debit card hacked
jillmc 27
“Sitting ducks pay $177 for lunch at Trattoria da Romano, Burano, Italy”
phogenson 53
Skewed perception of safety or how I was mistaken for a distraction mugger......
emma 43
Skip Lisbon Trolley 28E!
geezloueez6 6
Slashed tire rental car scam
janetnoble 24
So are you saying that our Euros can expire? Or get too old?
Shelley 28
Some poetic justice for thieves.....
Ken 0
Sound familiar
jayhamps 16
So You'd Like A Room On The First Floor......
Bill 19
"Speeding" ticket - a year later!
burknett 12
speeding tickets in Italy
novak000 16
Spilling the Mustard?
Donna 4
steal all your money from your credit cards- when you put your card into the machine
lonney finigan 14
St Petersburg and Nevsky Prospekt bump and pickpocket
Tim 3
jayhamps 17
Taking U-Bahn in Berlin
tony.freeman.... 25
Taxi drivers
Okieandy 1
Taxi drivers from Termini- frustratring!!
Kristen 9
Taxi Scams Rome (Fiumicino) International Airport
m.wcrawford47 8
The Big Squeeze trick.
vandenplas 18
The darker side of pickpockets.....
Ken 10
The dishonest official Paris taxi drivers
Pom Pom 30
The Monk Scam.
Francis 11
The "ring scam" and "petition girls" in Paris.
pat 34
The Security of a Daypack and Neck Wallet
Steve S 32
Tourist Scams in Ireland?
Joseph 14
Tourist Scams that migsht not be
MC-Glasgow 14
Travel Club Contest -- Scam or Legit?
tedderrick 7
Travel Documents
johnna 3
Travel with passport or leave in hotel?
kacikohlhepp 41