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Passport and Credit Card

Hi All,

I just want to know if I leave my passport and one credit card (I carry 2 credit cards) with the hotel front desk. Is it safe or not?

Thank you for your help.

Sandy Chen

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Truthfully I think it would be safer to have those things on you in a money belt. There is probably a safe in your room you can use since that that is more common these days than the safe at the front desk. Personally I keep my passport on me at all time.

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Don't most countries require visitors to have their Passport with them at all times?

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You only leave your passport with the hotel desk long enough for them to register you. I actually wait for them to do that and hand it back, unless they say they need more time and can pick it up later.

It is best to keep passport and credit cards with you in a secure spot like neck wallet or money belt at all times.

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I agree with the PPs. Either keep them in your room safe or keep them in a secure place (money belt/neck wallet/or similar) on your person.

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Safest is to carry your passport, backup credit card(s), ATM card in your money belt or neck wallet. This is “deep” storage, not for every day use, but they’re handy if you need them. Daily money and credit card go into your purse, preferably in a zipped interior pocket to keep prying fingers out (think pickpockets).

Be sure you husband has a money belt or neck wallet. To avoid pick pockets do not let him put his wallet with every day money and credit card in his back pocket or an unzipped front pocket. I don’t know what men do for easy access to their daily money. Hopefully a guy can add to the conversation.

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I agree that it’s imperative to keep one’s passport, large bills and credit/debit cards in a money belt of some kind. I’ve done so on every trip I’ve made to Europe for 20 years and have never lost anything. However, I have a trip coming up in October which includes Lisbon, Barcelona and Rome. I am nervous about the security of my iPhone. Like most people, I use my phone to take photos and as a tap to pay credit card. It holds a ton of personal and crucial information. So keeping it in “deep storage “ doesn’t seem practical. I’ve bought a stretchy Stashbandz waistband that could hold my phone. I also got a small inexpensive crossbody bag (no RFID or slash-proof protection). I’d be interested to hear how others keep their phones secure.

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Sandy, what do you do with your second credit card when you travel domestically? I dont think you'd leave it at the front desk. And not all hotels, especially smaller ones, have a secure safe at the front desk. Sometimes, it's just a shelf or cabinet.

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I don’t understand why you would want to hand someone your credit card. If you’re meaning the check-in process, wait there while they process it and take it with you. Keep all of your valuables in your money belt worn under your clothing when you are away from the hotel sightseeing.

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Passport is on me (in same pocket as my cell phone and wallet) spare credit card is in my luggage. Luggage is in my room, usually locked. I’ve done so on every trip I’ve made to Europe for 20 years and have never lost anything, but your results may vary.

When I travel domestically sometimes i will do the same thing. I know if I do lose something replacement is faster and easier

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It is best to always maintain control of your passport.

Leaving a credit card in the hotel safe at the front desk or your room offers much less risk.

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Passport in money belt. Copy of passport and drivers license in room safe, or hidden in room (in case passport lost and need to replace it). Daily cash, credit card and phone in a small crossbody purse for easy access. Backup credit/debit cards and cash in the room safe.

And sometimes my passport is in the hotel safe and the copy of the passport/drivers license is in my crossbody purse. But technically one should carry their passport at all times, I just hate money belts and when I am close to my hotel, I sometimes do not carry it.

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Once at my location, I keep an extra credit card and debit card buried deep in my luggage. My passport is always with me as are my other credit cards and debit card. I want to be able to change direction on a dime if need be so I always carry my passport. In transport I have it all on me in a tiny crossbody purse, which only comes off at security.

I would never use the front desk or a room safe.

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We always appreciate the 50 pound note we found in our room safe in London a few years ago. Decided it was a welcoming gift and paid for a night at the pub.