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So we left naples this morning at 730am to catch our train to Venice. All the previous day we were saying to each other that we didn't feel safe. We went for pizza and had a couple glasses of proseco with the locals at a roadside bar. We just didn't see any other tourists. Garbage good God everywhere. What a mess. We were a 5 minute walk from the station. So off we went and within 3 minutes some guy on a mo ped flys by and grabs my wifes bag. Thank god shes a farm girl and that guy is lucky he didn't come off his scooter. She was badly bruised and scraped but held onto her bag. We have spent the last month in Italy and we say naples sucks.

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So glad she is ok. I hope this one incident doesn't ruin the rest of your trip. Bad things can happen anywhere, anytime. Enjoy Venice!

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I'm very sorry that this is the only side of Naples that you will remember, because it really does have so much to offer. Yes it is a large city and the chances of running into issues is greater just because of the larger number of people. But keep in mind the great restaurants, the museums, the views of the coast, the wonderful opportunities to people watch. Hopefully you will not let one incident color your overall memories of what is a great adventure.

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Very happy your wife is safe. Moped thieves have been around for generations, in cities all over the world.

Hopefully you will have great memories of the rest of your trip.

Anecdotal information: I was a crime victim in Miami about a half dozen times, but nothing diminishes my love for a city I lived in for forty years. Now, if I had been there for a day or two and experienced a similar incident, I might feel very differently.

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Count us as a couple that didn't like Naples either. It was our first time in Italy and we adored Venice, Rome, Positano. Our last night was in Naples and we left for home from there. We just didn't like the ambiance or city at all. Graffiti ridden, dirty...just not our piece of cake. We really wish we had taken the fast train back to Rome that last night. We also didn't feel as safe walking around.

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Glad to hear your wife is ok and hope you enjoy Venice. I agree with Lulu Naples is a dirty city streets full of rubbish, graffiti and used condoms not a pretty site at all and a city best avoided IMHO.

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I totally enjoyed Naples when I was there in 2012 and experienced none of the issues that other folks have. I found it fascinating and real without being the mess that many people claim it is. I was careful not to carry a bag, use a money belt and keep less than €20 in my front pocket so maybe that helped. I would go back there in a second but would be careful as I was on the first trip to prepare and be aware of my surroundings.

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Sorry you feel that way. I really enjoyed Naples as well, and would go back at any chance. It's not Naples that "sucks" but some of the people there who try to extort from tourists. You're conflating one with the other due to a very unfortunate incident. Naples itself is fascinating and has lots of interesting sites (Certosa di San Martino, Santa Lucia cloisters, Archeological Museum, Capella Sansevero, and the countless beautiful churches hardly "suck"!). I don't mind gritty cities... is that what you mean by "not feeling safe"? To each his own.

How many days did you spend there?

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I am sorry for the bad experience you and your wife had in Naples. I had a very different experience in Naples when I visited a month ago. I spent 2 days/nights there and was totally charmed! It is a city full of graffiti and garbage and, occasionally, I felt concerned that I would be a target of pickpockets but I kept my wits about me and was vigilant. Perhaps I was lucky too. But, I did what the other posters said to do: I carried one credit card in an inside zipped compartment in my cross-body bag and no more than 50 Euros in cash. Just in case.
I went to the Archaeological Museum, full of original artifacts from Pompeii, and took Rick's "A Slice of Neapolitan Life Walk" and saw Greek ruins that are 2,500 years old! Also, wandered and meandered through the streets packed with people out enjoying their families and friends. The city has a vibrant spirit and liveliness that is invigorating. It is the least touristy place I have been in Europe! Also, took in the Capodimonte Museum, a former Farnese palace. Saw the Cappella Sansevero with the fabulous marble statue of the Veiled Christ! Ate amazing food in restaurants recommended by Rick Steves.
I would definitely go back to Naples!
Judy B

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I love Napoli.
And Sofia Loren is giving you the penultimate finger from beyond.

Glad your wife survived...but don't count Napoli out for a bad experience near a train station.

As a New Yorker, Napoli feels like a very real city to me, not scrubbed up, there is a side of life there for the is not a shopping mall like other places in Italy. I always walk down the center of the side walk in any cannot get pulled into an alley as easily or is the oldest " sport" in Italy....

What you are describing could have happened in any place in the world, near any train station at 7:30 am

Plus...carrying valuables in a shoulder bag is not advised..this makes one a are already sticking out like a sore thumb....if one does carry such a bag, it must go across the body...police all over Europe make this gesture to female tourists to put the bag over the it is not vulnerable to snatching...being held up by gun or knife point just does not happen in Europe like in the USA, unless it is a true heist like Kim Kardasian...

Futhermore, Napoli is a port city that has welcomed refugees from all over the world, particualarly Africa, these people are fleeing wars and strife that we could never imagine...don't expect the world to be scrubbed clean for your holiday...

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I loved Naples too, so I'm sorry you had a bad experience there.
I found the people there some of the most friendly and helpful on that particular trip.
In general in Italy, it is not Italians who are taking your stuff, but seems to be people from other countries looking for quick cash.

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On my one and only visit to Naples with my daughter, we felt exactly the same as you. We have travelled extensively and seen the best and worst of cities and countries. It is my least favourite city in the world. Didn't feel comfortable. We did the the ho ho bus tour, spent time art the Museum and couldn't wait to get back to our hotel. We stayed in for dinner (which ranked as one of the worst meals ever) and didn't set foot outside the door.

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Been to Naples twice. First time mainly to see the museum with the Vesuvius artifacts. Day we arrived there was an unannounced strike at the museum. Bummer. Second time, it just seemed dirty and seedy,
and not a place I feel a need to go back to. We did get to see the museum on the second visit.

Too bad he didn't come off of the scooter when she held on to her bag. Give her a high five for me!


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I was on a two week trip through Italy in August of 2016 with a group of friends and we stayed in Naples for 3 days, 4 nights. We had heard horrible things about Naples and when we got there found we really enjoyed the city. Did it have graffiti? Yes it did, but there was an energy in the city that we really enjoyed. We did not experience any of the issues we had read about but I was on the look out regardless because awareness in any city is important.