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New ATM scam

A TV station in Chicago is reporting a new ATM scam called glue and tap (or something like that). You try an ATM and it won't accept your card, a "helpful" person at the next ATM says hey all you have to do now is tap. You do and go on your way, and supposedly the ATM stays active long enough for that helpful person to help themselves. That person put glue into the card slot so it wouldn't work. Some folks in the article questioned whether you had to re-enter your PIN for this to work, but anyway it seems to be the new kid in town.

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I just got a new tap card from Bank of America. Thanks for the warning.

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I've used tap and go cards for at least 7 or 8 years - ALWAYS have to enter a PIN at an ATM - helpful person near me and my card and a machine I walk away or yell for security

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If you walk away in the middle of your transaction, I could see this happening, but not if you actually pay attention to the prompts on the screen. It asks you whether you are done, and will time out and lock you out if you don't respond in time.

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I'm so glad when I can tap at an ATM in Europe so that I do not risk the machine eating my card, as one hungry ATM did in Portugal last October.

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Once again, another storyline that points out the lack of attention by the user.

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This should only happen if you're not paying enough attention while doing the transaction or you suddenly leave the machine in the middle of the transaction. Very unfortunate if people fall into this scam.

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Don't use outdoor ATMs - only use ATMs inside of banks, and don't use an ATM with "helpful" strangers offering advice hovering nearby...keep on walking.

Tap is preferable to inserting your card - your card can get eaten, or there can be a "skimmer" attached that reads your card...

Don't let your first use of the tap function be when you are abroad. Try it out at home on an ATM in a more secure location like a bank lobby.

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And fun fact, since ATM use is declining (because cash is so 2019), some makers are suggesting that they might add video capabilities to their machines so you can talk to a human. Oh yeah, standing at the street yelling personal info at an ATM, what could possibly go wrong?

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While I am not too concerned about any of the possible scenarios .... I think they must be pretty rare, but feel free to correct me if my assumption is wrong; but one good practice is to never walk away until the machine is back to the home screen no matter what the circumstance.

I once put my card in a machine in Odesa and waited for the language prompt .......... that never came ........ I was stuck in Russian. I guessed the bottom right button would end the process and return my card ....... it did. Then the sweet lady in line behind me stepped up and said she would help (she turned with her back to the machine when I put in my PIN). Even then I waited for the home screen before I left.

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Try and use ATM’s that are either inside the bank itself, or inside glass doors leading to a small foyer between the bank and the street.
Ones out on a street are more susceptible to “helpers”, and on bright days it can be really hard to see the screens clearly.
Don’t wait till late on a weekend to really need cash from an ATM……in some countries they are empty of cash by then till the following business day.
Good point too about waiting till the Home Screen returns at the end of your use.