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Paris Metro ticket purchase help

I was in Paris in April 2016, trying to purchase metro ticket at a vending machine to Versaille Palace, a person offered to help, he pressed several button on the screens and showed 97 Euros for 4 round trip tickets! I remembered Rick Steves' book says about 7 Euros per ticket, I immediately was alarmed this guy was probably trying to pull a scam so I proceeded to the window and sure enough 7 Euro per round trip ticket. I was sure what kind of scam the guy was trying to pull, but thank Rick's book to avoid the scam.

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That scam seems to be popular, and one reason I don't let anyone "help" when I'm buying tickets. Thanks for the reminder.

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The way that this one goes is that he offers to pay by card and take your cash (if you try to pay directly with a card you are told that it is no good as the machine will only accept French cards). He then doesn't actually buy the expensive tickets (although will again press a load of buttons followed by cancel) but gives you 4 tickets he has already bought pocketing the difference. These tickets might open the gate but may not be valid all the way to the destination.