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Naples, Italy Taxi Scam

We arrived to Naples port from Capri and picked up by a taxi who offered us a day tour for 105 Euros.
The tour included Ravello, Amalfi, Sorrento and Pompei. We confirmed twice and had our hotel confirm with us all standing there when our driver dropped us off. It was clear the Bellman and Taxi were tight.
He kept showing us the fixed rate of over 220 Euros and how we got a great deal. After the day ended he proceeded to get out of his taxi and demand 350 Euros. After taking the disagreement inside the hotel he still demanded the 350 Euros. Lesson learned here, hire only a private tour company . Don't allow a Taxi driver to take you around Naples .

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In contrast, we arrived via Circumvesuviana to Napoli Centrale from Sorrento on a Sunday afternoon in March. The taxis were waiting in line, it was kind of slow and the drivers were all having a good time cutting up with each other. We wanted a ride to the the Archeological Museum, and we were led to the taxi in front, and the personable driver drove us through the rabbit-warren, chaotic streets to the museum.

Afterwards, we picked up another cabbie to take us back to the station. 15 Euro each way, we gave each of them a couple Euro tip. A pleasure, not anything like I had heard about, that Naples is full of thieves & robbers.

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For future reference, it would have been better to arrange a private car service such as Monetti Taxi (listed in the guidebook). This seems like one case where having, or at least reading the guidebook could have saved you some money (and there would have been no "surprises").

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First question: was it a marked and licensed taxi?

It's unfortunate that some hoteliers and drivers are "in cahoots". On the other hand, when I had to have my passport replaced in an emergency, the taxi driver would not accept payment for the trip to the Consulate. He was in the queue outside the train station.

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Please don't tell me you gave him more money only because he wanted more money!
If the concierge did not stand by your side you should really post the hotel's name.

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I'm confused. Was it 105, 220, and find finally 350? Do you think the doorman knew the taxi driver and was getting a cut? If the taxi was from the line a d you picked the hotel, that would be a coincidence that you picked a hotel where he knew people. This sounds horrible. Could someone clarify as I'm confused.

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Should of paid what you thought was reasonable and if he disputed it threaten to call police, but its easier said in hindsight as at the time your mind is all over the place