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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Packing for Italy trip in April
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Swiss Airlines and Zurich Airport
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Packing for Rick Steves tour plus cruise
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Suitcase Advice
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Porter 46 vs Farpoint 40
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Carry on and backpack?
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TSA suitcase locks
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What to pack 10 days Venice, Florence and Rome in Mid-october
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Transportation from Rome, Italy to Pistoia, Italy
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Emirates economy 15lb (7kg) carry-on limit
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Does This Bag Fit Spirit Airlines Criteria
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Tip for Blister Prevention
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Packing for September in Edinburgh & Glasgow
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How Many Shoes
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DSLR Travel Camera Bag
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Compression Bags are AWESOME!
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comfort items for international travel
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Fanny pack versus money belt
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Scandinavia coat/shoe recommendations
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Good Deal: Costco Delsey 2 pc Luggage Set
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Do you guys often used tool or planner for vacation planner?
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Osprey Ozone 18 vs 22?
Sunny 6
Rolling carry on for extra tall people
Sunny 3
A great alternative to money belt!
Sunny 19
Too many luggage choices?
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Duct Tape Tips Wanted
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Duct Tape to the rescue!
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Cheapie Rain Ponchos
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Luggage review
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Creative Packing Ideas or Too Much Time on Packing Forum?
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Brief Backpack Selection Discussion
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Need tips on Packing a 3-1-1 Bag Properly
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Budget Luggage
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Good Quality Budget Luggage Sale
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The Case for Cheap Luggage
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First Aid Kits
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Delsey Bargain at
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Cobblestones! Overblown?
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Computer Online Price Jumps - Am I Crazy?
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American Made Travel Stuff
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