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Packing for September in Edinburgh & Glasgow

I'm already thinking of my clothing packing list for 7 days in Scotland 3 days in Edinburgh, 3 in Glasgow, 1 day trip from one of 1 of the cities, 1 day split between the two and back and forth between the two cities because of the timing of my flight.

Since I'm going back and forth I'll be getting a smaller suitcase. This time I'm going to be prepared for cold weather after suffering in unexpected cold April weather in Spain.

o rain jacket
o quilted coat
o knit beret
o wool silk linen scarf
o Merino T shirt
o sleeveless knit vest
o cotton shirt
o wool socks
o Airism tanks 2
o Underwear
o Pants -
o Ponte knit pants
o Cotton turtle neck
o wool sweater sweater
denim skirt - tights
2 pairs shoes - New Balance trainers and Joseph Seibel sneakers

Need more tops?

And I need to have space for my souvenir purchases - knitting yarn, ideally a sweater quantity and wool fabric, ideally Scottish or at least British made that isn't easily bought in Canada.

Thinking the knit pants and turtle neck are for wearing on the overnight flight.

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Maybe wait on the final pack till you can see a weather prediction a few days before you leave.
I was there in September once and had to buy sunscreen and sandals it was so warm.
Having said that, layers are good wherever you go.
Strip down if you’re hot, add more if you’re cold.

I always plan my packing weeks ahead too……it’s a favourite part of the plan!

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I'll be checking the weather many times a day in the days leading up to leaving for certain. I needed to start the list while we had similar daytime average temperatures as I can expect in September.

After wearing summer weight lightweight clothes for months it's harder to remember exactly the weight of clothes to wear in 13 -16C temperatures. Hope for above average warm weather, pack for colder.

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Susan, your list looks somewhat similar to mine (I just got back from 3 weeks in Scotland) but minus the coat. I had a rain jacket with a hood that had a lightweight fleece lining, 1 merino wool top, 2 LS knit tops, a lightweight sweater and an Orvis sweater-fleece vest. Also one pair of fleece-lined leggings, 1 pr of black ponte knit pants, and a pair of knit joggers. I also only brought 2 pairs of shoes - gym shoes and very lightweight deck shoes.

I don't think you need another top - you've got 4 and that should be plenty for 7 days. I would also rethink the coat and focus more on layers. You're only there for 7 days and Scotland was pretty warm by the middle of May. I'm not saying that it would stay that way in September, but odds are it won't be unseasonably cold. You've got a rain jacket and sweaters and vest, so you could easily layer up to combat any cold spells.

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I would really like to take only the quilted jacket as it's lighter and also roomier if I wear the wool sweater underneath. It doesn't have a hood and is labelled as water repellant - I think it would be fine for a drizzling rain but not a downpour. The "rain" jacket is hooded but also slimmer fit. It's not a taped seam rain jacket but more like a fashion outdoor coat- both Olsen.

I'm not hiking in the highlands on a remote trail. I can escape indoors in the city if there is a hard rain.

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I'm back from my trip. I think the weather was typical: 14-17C during the day, damp, mostly cloudy, a bit of rain each day, one day where it rained harder in evening & overnight, one afternoon mostly sunny.

My first time doing carry-on luggage worked out well. I was warm enough and dry, though my wardrobe felt monotonous and repetitive but you can't have it all. My suitcase weighed 20 pounds.

The only item I didn't wear was the merino T shirt though I should have worn it the day I walked/ climbed up to Arthur's seat.

Should have:
packed herbal tea, flips flops to wear in hotel rooms, enough underwear to not have to do laundry - they don't take up that much space,
checked that my hand knit wool socks fit into my shoes - they were a bit too thick to be comfortable in my NB Solvi shoes,
lastly wooden foot massager to soothe my tired, aching feet at the end of the day.

What I packed:
- hooded rain jacket
o quilted coat- both labelled as water repellant
o knit beret
o wool silk linen scarf
o rayon scarf
o merino jersey T shirt
o cotton rib knit mock neck T
o cotton turtle neck
o cotton jumper (sleeveless dress) aka pinafore in UK English with matching tights
o wool/linen blend knit long sleeve pullover
o hand knit wool vest
o stretch cotton jeans
o ponte knit elastic waist pants
o wool socks several pairs, 2 pairs cotton socks
o Airism tank
o underwear, 5 seamless synthetic, 2 bras
o linen Pajamas
o light weight cotton robe
o New Balance Solvi trainers
o jewelry
o small flat LeSportsac purse and large Kipling purse- the large one used for the days travelling from city to city, small one for within city.
scaled down toiletries and cosmetics - glad that I brought small containers of shampoo and hair conditioner. At the hotels I stayed at there was only liquid hand soap and shower gel.