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Does This Bag Fit Spirit Airlines Criteria

Happy new year, everyone. Dumb question here: Does this exact bag fit the 16 x 14 x 12 dimensions for Spirit's free carry-on criteria? I looked at all of the specs, but it's different on all sites. When I type in 16 x 14 x 12 on Google, this is what shows up, and also on the Bed, Bath & Beyond website's search box. Please help me. First time solo traveler here. Link to bag:,store:12177322790725130319&q=16+x+14+bag&oq=16+x+14+bag&prds=oid:2879482610556502431&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiN19zOn6zRAhXrx4MKHUubDaEQ8wIIRQ

Thank you!

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I'm not seeing the measurements you think you are getting. I'm seeing the bag's measurememts as 33x17x11.5 with no other options. Another hint is the capacity is listed as 6452 cubic inches.

That size bag is enormous! It wouldn't qualify as carry-on for any airline. I checked several other vendors for it and the size specs are the same on all of them for this bag. The Tote-a-Ton name of the bag is also a hint.

Search for Samsonite tote a ton and you will be able to see the same things I saw. BTW, the added total linear dimension for this bag is almost at the maximum size for checked bags on Spirit. See the link below.

You need to search for carry on luggage and pay attention to the full measurements, including the wheels and handle if that's the kind of bag you want. If you go to a store to look at luggage, be sure to take a measuring tape. The bags will often tout their small size, but they are not counting wheels and handle.

This link to Spirit's requirements has good details and illustrations. The size you have in your question appears to be for personal items through April 3rd after which two of the dimensions change. As with most super discount airlines, it looks like how they make some of their money is by nickel and diming passengers on things you'd expect to be covered in the ticket price.

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Thank you for your detailed reply! I REALLY suck with measurements, math, etc.., I went with another expandable duffle. The size says:

32 in. L x 13 in. W x 13.5 in. H (81.2 cm x 33 cm x 34.3 cm)

I get overwhelmed with all the size names and stuff. It doesn't look that big.

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Thanks, Frank. Any chance you can point me to an inexpensive option on Amazon? I'm only going to Florida for 3-4 days.

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So how much would Spirit charge to check a bag? Might be easier than looking for a new suitcase for such a short trip.

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Almost $60, Laura. $57.50 + tax for the round trip. I found a great bad on Amazon for $15, and I have a Prime account. I checked out all the reviews and people use it specifically for Spirit.

Thanks for the replies, everyone!

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Just to add complications to your situation. You cannot rely on the manufacturers measurements. They tend to understand state the size of the bag. If it is a rolling bag, the wheels and the handles are NOT included in the state measurements.

I would go to a Ross, TJ Max, etc. and look at their bags. So you can actually see the size and measure the bag yourself. Also keep in mind to add all three measurements (L,W.D). To be safe it needs to add to 40 or less. Just bought a 20" roller for under $50.

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Ditto what Frank said. Consumer Reports recently measured a bunch of "carry-on" bags and compared the actual measurements to the advertised ones and found almost every bag is larger than their advertised dimensions (and most wouldn't qualify for carry-on for most airlines). It should be noted that the specificatoins for Spirit (16x14x12=2688) is actually slightly more volume than a 21x14x9=2646 bag. Spirit just made the dimensions so unusual to keep people from being able to find a bag that size.

If you can fit all you need for 3-4 days into 1300 cu in, Rick's Ravenna Day Pack would meet your criteria.

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BlockquoteAlmost $60, Laura. $57.50 + tax for the round trip. I found a great bad on Amazon for $15, and I have a Prime account. I checked out all the reviews and people use it specifically for Spirit.

And all the 'reviewers' used it BEFORE Sprint changed the sizes effective 4/3. Be sure it works, don't depend on "reviewers". (Trust me a defense of "the Amazon reviewers said it worked" is not going to be much assistance when you hit Spirit's nickel and dime culture. There's a reason I won't fly them even if they paid me!)