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Pillow for a long flight

Sometimes, if I can get comfortable, I can sleep on a long flight. My most successful strategy is to pull down the seatback tray table, fold forward, and rest my arms and head on it. (And pray that the person in front of me doesn't move a lot during the flight.) This requires something large (like a big coat) to fold up and put on the tray table. Since we'll be flying this summer, I won't have a heavy coat. Does anyone know of an inflatable cube-type pillow I could buy? I'm open to other suggestions! It's so nice to land feeling rested and not in a kink-necked stupor!

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Could it be a beach ball? Or an inflatable Sponge Bob?

Spongebob Square Pants

That may look silly, but look around at kids inflatable toys. He could be your Emotional Support Inflate.

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Some airlines allow you to bring a pillow on in addition to the usual carry-on items. I can see not wanting to lug a pillow around after the flight but might be an option if you aren't moving around a lot. I have also seen pillows bungee corded to suitcases.

Or, this might serve your purpose. It is meant to be a foot pillow but I think it could work in either situation.

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I cut up a foam bed pillow, making a mini about 10"x6"x less than 2". Made a same-size pillow case, plus a drawstring outer one for germ protection. With just the inner case, it's my every-night bed pillow throughout a trip. Day-times, it saves my neck/lower back/whatever needs TLC, also - I don't leave home without it. Small enough to not be a pain to pack, compresses even smaller. This wouldn't do much for padding the tray table, but maybe you can customize something? Or the inflatables, great idea. Or take a regular pillowcase & stuff it with a sweater/fleece/whatever's squishable that you're packing anyway. Happy travels, Vicki (Stewart's signif. other)

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Thanks so much, everyone! Kristen, I am getting that pillow! Having my feet elevated is another bugaboo of mine. Some modes of transport have a fold-down bar for the feet to rest upon...why doesn't everyone? It makes such a huge difference in comfort. (I think I'll get two of those pillows: one for my feet!)