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Rolling carry on for extra tall people

My son packs light and uses a backpack (by Osprey) which is carry on size. But it is difficult to carry that plus a small day pack. The reason he doesn't use a rolling bag is that he is nearly 6' 2" and the bags clip his heels. I've seen handle extenders on Amazon but they don't get very good reviews. Any carry on luggage out there for the extra tall?

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I come from a tall family in which 6' 2" is not extra tall (the women range from 5' 7" to 6' 3" and the men from from 5' 11" to 6' 7") and all of us use Tumi rolling carry-ons without a problem.

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I have the same problem at 6-2 also. I just recently had to retire my nearly 20 year old, two wheel bag. Too many holes. The height of the handle was one of my primary concerns. I would hit places like Ross, TJ Max, etc. and taken down each rolling bag and pull out the handles for comparison. They do vary in height. Then actually measured each bag especially for length. I knew from my old bag that I needed to be at least an inch shorter since there has been a couple time when it would not fit. After about a year of this finally settled on a Nautical bag at Ross The handle was actually three inches longer than any other bag and the actually length of the bag was 1.5" less than my old bag. Haven't used it yet but expect it to be an improvement over my old bag. I did pull it in the store for a few hundred feet and did not clip it once. The handle is 44" from the floor. My bag probably cost a tenth of a Tumi bag. I would never buy a bag that expensive.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Definitely worth trying it out in the store before buying since there seems to be variations.
The world is best suited for the average height!