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Duct Tape Tips Wanted

I know this may be a Silly question. I don't want to bring a large roll of duct tape. Any ideas on how to make a smaller "roll" of tape to throw in my luggage without exposed edges sticking to everything or should I just buy pocket-sized duct tape?

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I purchased this Travel-Size duct tape. It's only $2 on Amazon. You could probably reach the free shipping point if you buy other items from Amazon at the same time. There are also great ideas on Pinterest. One idea I noticed was to wrap duct tape around a pencil.

Here's a great article about traveling with duct tape.

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If you don't want to order on line, your local hardware store will likely carry a large selection of small rolls for a few dollars. They are about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and very light weight. And they come is tons of colors, including animal prints if you are feeling on the wild side ...

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WalMart sells the small rolls as well so you may not have to order online. I, personally, go with the aqua jaguar print, lol!! I have not had to use it myself but almost every time I travel I give it to someone else to use!

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Following a tip from someone on this forum, I just cut about 36" worth of duct tape off a large roll and wrapped it around an old plastic card (credit-card size). It's actually a bit heavy, but it takes up very little space. You could also use a small empty plastic bottle; some of the hotel courtesy bottles would be the right size.

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You can wrap a small piece of paper around a pencil, then wrap the duct tape around that, then remove the pencil and snip away any excess paper; this saves the (admittedly tiny) weight of the "core." Also, you can then flatten the resulting roll of DT for minimum bulk.

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I have wrapped it around a pencil and also a credit card. Both work fine for me. Also, consider gaffer's tape instead of duct tape.

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Office supply stores like Office Depot also sell the smaller rolls -- but DO get a fun color or pattern. (I have semi-psychedelic rainbow colors) One use this trip was to mark a hotel room key when the owner gave us 3 almost identical keys on one ring.

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I wrap mine around the base of my collapsible water bottle. A few wraps is sufficient for most of my needs.

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Dollar Stores, Dollar Tree have small rolls of duct tape for - you guessed it -- $1. When traveling in the US via air, a dollar store is one of the first stores we hit.

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Thanks everyone! I decided rather than messing around with trying to wrap it, to go to the dollar store near my home. I got a couple of small rolls in fun patterns and a wider band width roll of clear shipping tape. I also went to Walmart and picked up some paracord. it's light, cheap, and multifunctional. Thanks!