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Emirates economy 15lb (7kg) carry-on limit

I will be traveling to Italy for 10 days and will be flying on Emirates Economy. They have a strict 15lb carry on limit. Is it possible to pack a 15lb carry on for 10 days?

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Yes, it certainly is possible. You might begin with a Campmor Essential Carry-on bag; it is less than 2 pounds, and has plenty of room.

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I just flew Luxair that has the same weight limit.

I had the same predicament. I'm on an extended trip. I had to decide did I just want to pack the barest of minimums so I could make that 7 kg limit or should I take what I want and just check the bag that one time.

I checked my bag. By the time I got through immigration, the bag was waiting for me. (Just realize that there are some around here who will make the idea of checking a bag seem like a mortal sin. )

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Emirates allows for 2 free checked bags. I was wondering is it possible not to deal with the checked luggage process and not worry about lost or delayed luggage since I will be city hopping.

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Weigh you (t-) shirts, undies, socks, pants, shoes, toiletteries, bag etc., choose the minimum number of each itemyou can get away with, assume laundry in the sink every night and look at the total weight. It is doable, but you have to carry additional "toys", i.e. (compact) camera, tablet, kindle etc. in your jacket rather than in the bag. Your bag will easily reach the carry-on weight limit, but not all the size limit.

Travellers from the US are spoiled by US domestic air travel which penalises check-in, but on the other hand has generous carry-on restrictions. International and European air travel is the opposite. Adapt to the prevailing rules. No one advises to bring 20kg+ for a city-hopping trip, but why not restrict your carry-on to the most essential valuables, check-in the rest, avoid stress from overly ambitous, frugal packing or tight schedules that do not allow for few minutes wait at the baggage pick-up. There are chances you get away with a modestly overweight check-in bag, but be prepared to extract your valuables into a smaller bag in case you get caught.

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You can absolutely do it. If toiletries add some weight, buy them in country. We carried 17 lbs in Rick Steves convertible backpack for 26 days!

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Of course it's possilbe to pack a 15lb (non-rolling) carryon for 10 days.

Three years ago I went to Europe for 21 days with a carryon that, packed, weighed 11lb (5kg). You probably can't carry on 10 days worth of clothes, so plan on washing as you go. If you take clothes for 6 days, you will have to wash 4 days. Wash 3 more days and you can start the trip with only 3 days clothing (half as much).

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Yes I do have a packing list. Everything we take can be washed in the hotel.
3 pairs of Eddie Bauer Travex pants ( one pair of convertible)
5 Travex short sleeve shirts (take long sleeve if we are in colder weather)
1 Eddie Bauer jacket (lightweight)
1 rain jacket
Yoga pants and top for sleeping (lightweight)
5 pairs of travel underwear, 3 bras
3 pairs of socks
2 pairs of shoes
Gloves (lightweight)
Hat (REI lightweight)
Small amount of toiletries (have bought in country and their products were better than mine)
Never take a hairdryer, most hotels have them.
Rick Steves has a packing list to follow on his website, we take less and less every year!