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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Medications and Customs
trahlenius 12
packing light but bringing back goodies?
tracey 18
Tevas but no closed toed shoes?
tpunch42 15
Going minimal: no extra shoes?
Tony 57
Rick's 'Euro Flight Bag'
Toni 21
Carry-on bag, should I get the blue or the gray?
Tom_MN 39
What's a good hat for a man to wear in Paris in June?
tomkopff 17
Rick Steves' Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Tom 5
Packing help -- men's dressy evening attire plus daytime activities
Todd 5
Men's Dress Shirts -- how to you keep pressed/clean while traveling?
Todd 19
Late May/Early June Amsterdam Paris Swiss Alps Packing 2 weeks
TnBlindingLights 19
Thanks for suggestions & what helped the most (Italy)
Luxembourg City
tlfoldvary 2
Money belt and security at attractions
tjm_2004 9
Packing Cubes/Rolling Carryon
Threadwear 19
Skirts when visiting Churches
thousandsofkates 12
Rick Steves 21inch carry on bag - replace the 2 wheels
Thomas 11
Luggage and traveling in Europe
The wary... 24
Biaggi any one?
The wary... 8
Favorite Rick Steves Carry-On Spinner/Wheeled Bag?
TheOrdinaryRe... 18
WaPo Article on How Much Underwear to Pack
TheOrdinaryRe... 23
One cord to charge them all...
TheOrdinaryRe... 9
Travel pant option (cheap version of Athleta)
TheOrdinaryRe... 8
IT carry-on spinner review
TheOrdinaryRe... 2
Packing Report (Spain 2024)
TheOrdinaryRe... 6
Are money belts over rated?
tgreen 80
Security with personal items while traveling???
tgreen 53
Weighing of Carry on Luggage
tgreen 50
Review of RS carry on luggage
tgreen 12
Jeopardy question
tgreen 7
A few things you should remember to pack...
tgreen 34
Excessive guide book weight
tgaetz1 24
Luggage Mishaps (or Hard Choices about Carry On)
TexasTravelMom 22
Lessons in Packing for 10 days
TexasTravelMom 24
Need (or want): crossbody iphone case and small clamshell backpack
TexasTravelMom 25
What to pack (men & women) for a Prague concert on RS tour?
Texas girl 4
Civita Day Pack Review
Terry 12
Travelers Choice Carryon
Terry 17
Checking a bag with gifts direct from Boston to Rome? Delta subsidiary
teri.whelan 8
Baggallini and rain
Teresa 9
Jogger pants for the flight
Teresa 17
Rick's Crossbody Travel Bag
Teresa 10
Fingerprint locks
Teresa 8
Bombas ankle or no-show socks (ladies)
Teresa 10
Backpack only for travel
tellit 25
What to wear?
teani 12
teani 13
Packing in carryon
teani 20
Need woman's opinion
teani 18
teani 5