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Diaper bag backpack as day bag?

It’s been many years since I’ve used a diaper bag, but I’ve seen backpack versions that look like they might make a good day bag: lots of pockets, water bottle holders, waterproof. My concern is that it might be heavier than a normal backpack, and maybe hotter.

Has anybody tried this?

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They are heavier. I don’t think hotter, but the waterproof fabric may have a bit of that. Of course that’s a big plus in rain/spills!

I have school age kids and I remember ditching the diaper bag before they were out of diapers because I hated the weight. Granted, I used shoulder/crossbody style because I prefer that to a backpack. That might make the excess weight more notable.

The plus is as you noted - there are more pockets and organization. If you want to bring a lot of stuff and are the type to maintain organization through the day then a diaper bag may be great for your needs. Personally I just throw my camera, phone, and wallet into a medium size purse and make do. But that’s a matter of travel style.

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In my experience, bags that are designed for specific purposes rarely suit other purposes well. Camera bags make lousy soft luggage; soft suitcases make terrible ski bags; bicycle courier bags make lousy travel bags.

You’d need to get to a baby store and look carefully at the bags. IIRC, daddy and mommy bags have features a traveler just doesn’t need. But if you have one, or can find one cheaper than a more appropriate bag, get it.

Here’s a fashion statement that costs twice what a RS soft suitcase does.

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more pockets means more fumbling in search of what you're looking for. I just examined my grandson's bag and it seems way to heavy and padded to be comfortable for travel, unless you were carrying a lot of things that need protection. But if it saves you from buying another one purpose bag, go for it.

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My daughter is expecting so she's (and watching, me) been looking at backpack diaper bags so it will work for both her and her husband. I think they look extremely interesting and organized. I think the bag would be easy to find things because it is so organized with the pockets, and I love the insulated section(s). I like to be consistent and always put things back in the same place in a bag, so this type of bag works well. Unless you are extreme on measuring weight, I don't see that the difference is too much to consider, unless you want an uglier extremely light backpack...but I like the ones with structure so... I say go for it. I've been thinking of doing the same.

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There’s also the bulk issue.
You’d have to use this as your personal item on the plane. If you pack it then it won’t pack well and take up precious space in your luggage.

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I think the bag would be easy to find things because it is so organized with the pockets,

Or you can’t find anything because there are too many pockets. This is often the complaint of those who buy those pocket jackets.

I would argue that you don’t need a lot of pockets becaue you’re not carrying that much stuff in a day bag. Usually 1-2 side pockets off the main bag is sufficient.