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Fabulous lightweight women’s jeans on clearance

I found these fabulous lightweight jeans from Coldwater Creek for an upcoming trip. I NEVER travel with jeans because they’re so heavy and bulky. These are completely different. They’re so light, almost as light as my favorite linen pants. They almost feel like poplin pajamas. They’re 90% cotton, 10% polyester. They have a loose fit, and I sized down. These are comfy enough to wear on the airplane. Currently on clearance for $24.95-$34.95.

Edit: I hand washed these pants and hung them to dry overnight. They were completely dry and wrinkle free in 12 hours.

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Yes, I noticed the same thing. Seems strange that you'd have to wait 4 months to get them.

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Oh no! I didn’t notice the delayed shipping. I ordered mine a couple weeks ago and they just arrived a couple days ago.

I wonder this means they’re being discontinued. It happens every time I find something I love. I may need to order another pair to be shipped later!

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I just checked and it looks like the delayed delivery is based on sizes. Some sizes do not have the notice about shipping on 6/27 (for example, Misses size 12) and some do. They're probably just low on stock in those sizes.

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OMG, I totally forgot that I ordered these! Yikes, I better not shop while on pain meds anymore. I saw this thread and thought hmm, sounds somewhat familiar. Sheesh! I guess that's why they say not to sign any legal documents etc. But shopping, you would think I would have remember that! LOL!

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Those look great, but my size is one of the delayed shipment. If they had an elastic waist, I'd risk sizing down one size, but I'd better not.

I may bookmark this though, for later.


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These do look like nice travel jeans. I bookmarked them but I’m not sure about ordering from Coldwater Creek anymore… The last 2 times I ordered items on backorder the store notified me after 60 days that the items were no longer available. Very disappointing.

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Thanks for the recommend. Received 2 of my ordered pairs yesterday. I like them. Debating whether to keep the too tight pair for targeted weight 😊I will need to shorten the pair I take on my trip. I think I also ordered petite to try, but they must be the backordered ones which arrive after my trip.