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What's a good hat for a man to wear in Paris in June?

I am a hat-lover. Usually around town here in St. Louis I just wear a Cardinals' ball cap. Would I look too much like a yokel if I wore a red hat with a big 'STL' on it as I walk along in Paris? I guess I could buy a beret when I get to Paris, but this might be a bit pretentious. Any thoughts?

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Walking in Paris a voice yelled out "Go Blue" from across the street. Our friend was wearing his University of Michigan ball cap. An elderly lady from the East Coast of US was a huge Michigan fan. Her granddaughter attended U of M and the family were big supporters. We had a nice conversation with her. My military son has traveled the world and many conversations have started due to what logos were on his clothes!

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On those occasions when I wear a hat, it's always my Venerable Tilley hat.

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My preference would be to avoid the all red Cardinals cap to avoid the impression of a political statement, but then perhaps you would like to make a statement. I would also avoid wearing a red cap at a Cal football game.

I use to wear my green all-wool Oakland A's cap but learned that it is not a good idea to wear a green hat in China. Isn't cultural idiom interesting?

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If you're a hat lover that is the perfect way to narrow down your souvenir hunting in Paris -- don't settle for one of the 4-euro Chinese-made fake straw fedoras in white that are at every street vendor's tarp but take a moment to find a hat shop or a men's department in a gallerie that has a nice selection of headgear. And leave it at that so far as shopping goes -- get it out of your system and get on with the trip.
Check out Traclet, maybe. Their shop is outside Lyon but there must be dealers in Paris...

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I can't think of anything more impressionable than a hat with a Gator logo on the front.

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I don't subscribe to the "look like a local" advise so often espoused here. I am what I am; and while I treat everyone with respect, I don't try and pretend to be anything else. So I wear the hat from my cult like university. I tend to spend a lot of time off the beaten path where tourists are not real common and the locals still love to help and show off what they are proud of, so this works for me just fine.

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I think you will be fine wearing your Cardinals cap. Cardinals caps are always good choices. :) If it is what you are used to and comfortable with, go for it. Just take it off in places where it is respectful to do so. If you would like to talk about your hat choice and other travel topics, we are having our St Louis Area travel group meeting this coming Saturday at 10 am at the Sunset Hills Bread Company. We would love to have you join us.

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Wear your lid with pride. Naturally, take it off when appropriate and if you're dressing up for a nice meal or, evening, leave it in the room. Nevertheless, you shouldn't have to hide, who you are. In general, American's are much more casual and relaxed than our friends in Europe, wearing a ball cap is no different than our European friends wearing their favorite soccer team's jersey...ahem, kit. As long as your attire isn't offensive or, tasteless, wear what you wish while traveling. Now, when you run into a Cubs fan, you do know you're gonna hear it...

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If you prefer wearing a baseball cap, you certainly have that personal choice. I've never worn a hat of any kind in Europe, and certainly that includes wearing a baseball cap indicating my favourite team. Totally not my style to wear a baseball cap. Whether I am visiting tourist areas or places totally off the typical North American tourist radar in Europe, I am not into blending with the locals, not my priority, and could care less if I blend or not. They can easily spot me out as a tourist anyway. I count on that.

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My husband likes to wear his Boston (USA) local sports team attire when travelling. We meet Boston sportsfans all over the world because of this. We are always amazed how many other Boston Sportsfans we meet while travelling. It's a great conversation starter - even with the Boston haters ha ha. We have actually remained friends with quite a few people from around the world by conversation starters with his shirts/hats.

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Hi Tom, I agree that your hat will be a nice way for folks to start a conversation with you. Wear what's comfortable. Honestly, you're on vacation, people don't care.

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I agree with Ray, a Gator hat would get you instant respect anywhere

My luggage tag is a embossed raised Gator logo. With it I can always spot my bag.

But if you really want to blend in, get yourself a beret, paint on or grow a pencil thin mustache and sing Maurice Chevalier. It will get instant respect everywhere.

Seriously, wear any hat you want except, perhaps, one of rival football for Paris teams.

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My late husband always wore his beloved and battered Tilley hat, in Paris or anywhere else in Europe. Of course, it often elicited " 'allo cowboy" from the odd passerby. That always made me laugh because he was the least cowboy-ish man you could ever meet.

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Just gotta say.... Yeah St Louis Cardinals. Hello from Broken Arrow OK.. Lifetime fans here!!


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I like the Paris-St. Germain hat that Michael posted a link to. I'll have to get me one of those! All my friends in St. Louis will be jealous when I get back home...