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Does anyone have any recommendations as to disposing of insulin needles?

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Look on Amazon for travel sharps containers. There are several types and sizes. Otherwise you are stuck (no pun intended) with recapping syringes, storing in a baggie, hoping to run across a place to dispose of sharps. I have not seen any in several trips to Europe, but I did not actively seek one out, too busy traveling.

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Stop in the first pharmacy that you have a chance togo in, and ask them where you can dispose of them.

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I have given up on the insulin pens in favor of an insulin pump. My blood sugar levels are much more stable, and I can eat more normal foods.

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I do not know specifically, but I would definitely check with the local pharmacy. If you haven't travelled to Europe before, pharmacies are everywhere and have a sign with a green cross outside. If you are in a town of any size you will see one, if you are in a major city you will see one every few blocks. They will undoubtedly have dealt with this issue and can tell you what to do. My guess is that the bigger ones would have disposals, but I can't say that for sure. All I can say with confidence is that they will know what to do.

The pharmacy for disposal is the best idea.
Otherwise, you can disinfect and store them in something like a puncture proof plastic container in your suitcase and check your suitcase on the way home and dispose of them at home. You will not get into any trouble with security for having insulin needles in your suitcase, nor will you cause a biological disaster.
You can check with your specific airline in advance regarding contaminated needles.