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Packing help -- men's dressy evening attire plus daytime activities

Hi gang,
Less than 90 days until Munich and Vienna! Got my airline tickets, train tickets and opera tickets. Now, packing questions.
I have been traveling to Europe and cross-country w/ just a roller bag and messenger back, both of which I carry on. However, reading some of the forum chats, I am thinking I would like to try to pack even lighter. However, I don't think a back pack is for me. Does anyone ever use the suitcase 'function' on the RS convertible bag, i.e. carrying it by the handle? Being used to wheels, will it seem ridiculously heavy? I do like the idea of doing away with the frame on the roller bags, which takes up so much room.

More importantly, I'm trying to figure out how to pack light, yet I still need nice evening clothes for the opera for 4 nights. I could wear the same dark suit or pair a black jacket & black pants. A white collared cotton shirt (maybe one of those no-iron kind, although ironically they tend to be of heavier material; kind of gross in the summer; maybe 2 light cotton shirts would take up less room). Worse case, I could splurge for the hotel to press if it's really wrinkled. So evenings in Munich will be kind of a 'uniform.' During the day, will wear the same pair of nice looking walking shoes as with my suit, or maybe some Top-Sider shoes. A pair of shorts if I go to the park. (Actually, just writing this post is helping me brainstorm!) A couple pairs of dark chinos (jeans are heavy) and some polo shirts and I may be set?

I have never worn a money belt; usually just keep my passport and one of my cc's discretely in the room; carry my drivers license, other ATM credit card and some cash around with me. Do you all really wear that thing all day, every day? I guess the kind that loops around your belt and tucks into your pants I could bear if forced to!
Would welcome your feedback.

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I have on occasion used the RS bag in non-backpack mode and I don't have enough grip strength to do it over a distance. You are probably stronger than a gray-haired mid-60's gal. I have used a similar bag with a shoulder strap but that was tedious as well.

As to wrinkles, my suggestion is to take along a small plastic bottle, usually the 2oz size from a set of travel containers, with a sprayer top. I just spray the shirt lightly with water, shake it and hang to dry. It really gets 95+% of the wrinkles out. Some of the container sets have the sprayer for I guess hair spray or something. If your shirt is no iron it will work even better. Test it at home before you go.

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Todd, About the money belt, when you say "loops around your belt..." you do realize that the belt and the money belt are under your clothes and completely invisible to others? I only mention this because I have actually seen people wearing a waist money belt on the outside of their clothes...where it's so handy for a pickpocket to make off with it!

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Hi Darcy --

Yes I do know that the loop money belt is to be worn INSIDE the pants. Thank you for checking though! I have heard of people wearing their money belts on the outside which is kind of sadly funny i wonder how common?!

Thanks for the Wrinkle release suggestion and the water spray idea. Another benefit to the Downey spray is that it smells good. A nice way to freshen up your clothes.

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I often have to pack for 2 week business trips in Europe (full suit) and still manage to get it all in a carry on, including work out clothes. Here is how I manage it:
Suit and 3 non-iron dress shirts (I like CK, the fabric is lighter than most non-iron) are bundle packed. Yes bundle packing takes time to unpack and repack, but its less time than smoothing out wrinkles. I also carry a small bottle of wrinkle releaser/freshener. I wear the suit only when I need to and get 2-3 wearings from each shirt.
All my undershirts are quick dry work out shirts, usually pack three.
5 pair underwear and socks that I wash mid way through.
I also pack a pair of long cotton pants (chinos or similar), a light sweater for layering and a light jacket. These get a lot of use and are pretty grungy by the time I get home but the wrinkle releaser/freshener helps.
Running shorts and shoes round out my bag.