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"When in doubt, leave it out." Good advice.

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Not a bad article, thank you.
The only thing I disagree with are buying those little travel size deodorants, as shown in one of the photos.
If you look at regular size solid ones , they are usually not that much bigger in measurements, and give you much more to use.

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Her Tumi compact 4-wheeled brief is 16x16", weighs 10-lbs and costs $850.

My 2-wheeled underseater of approximately the same size weighs 4.5-lbs and I'm positive I paid less than $50 for it years ago.

I've been looking at spinner underseaters and the ones I'm interested in so far run 4 to 5-lbs and are just over $100.

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Interesting but nothing really new if you've spent time reading up on the subject. I don't pack many commercially produced travel sized toiletries as they are almost always more than I need. Just because you can take 3.4 oz doesn't mean that's what to take. I use several 1-1.5 oz containers. I've had to do some testing to see how many weeks I could get from an ounce but it's been worth it.

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Thanks for posting this. I didn’t learn anything particularly new from this article but I think it does contain useful information. I struggled with all of the expensive (for me) items she mentions. I’m also trying harder to reuse and refill small bottles, rather than buying new ones.

While I agree with, and do follow the plan to wear my bulkiest items on my flights, I make sure to have a way to attach my coat to my luggage at the airport - too many trips in the past trying to carry my coat or sweating while wearing it inside.

If I use a tote instead of a backpack for my personal item, I ALWAYS use one with a zipper at the top. It’s so much safer and what a nightmare if your things spilled out under your seat.

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If you're looking for travel size items, and your local big box store or supermarket doesn't carry it, try

I've ordered items from them over the years without a problem. They might not be the cheapest but if you're looking for something particular, it's an option.

I have no affiliation with them except being a customer.