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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Refocusing the RS Forum in the Age of COVID-19
Webmaster 134
FAQ's: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Webmaster 0
Ukraine and/or the Balkans & Eastern Europe in the Spring (if possible)
James E. 25
When Travel Opens Again ... will things be mobbed?
Cyn 13
Crimea in the Summer (if possible)
PerilsofP 2
U.S. lifting travel restrictions on visitors from the EU, UK and Brazil
Frank II 5
Hoping For Late November/December Trip - Help Me Brainstorm
Andrea 7
Future travel overseas, vaccines, COVID19 tests and quarantine
geovagriffith 9
Traveling through the Alphabet
Nigel 1550
Car Rental Netherlands/Belgium/France
mike8 9
Checking airfare frequently paid off for us!!
chinalake67 13
Where to for Christmas 2021
Cary 28
Listlessness, ennui, or plain old 'old'?
MariaF 28
The silly things that amuse me...
Allan 44
There's a light at the end of the Tunnel!!!!
Donald 131
United Airlines COVID-19 interactive restrictions map
Nancy 6
having someone housesit while you are in Europe
rob in cal 18
Personal Space
BigMikeWestBy... 28
Hinting at 2021 Tours?
Jane 17
CDC Order for proof of COVID-19 Test or Recovery for all air passengers arriving in the US
mchpp 8
need good MENS walking shoes
Kris IT 23
What's your favorite national flag, and why?
BigMikeWestBy... 63
If you could pick one European country to travel to in 1913, which one?
rob in cal 50
Abandoned Churches
Eric 16
Travel budget priorities
Allan 62
2 weeks from Frankfurt to bezirs France
tanaleehart 5
Photography Editing Programs
Jim 11
French, German, or Italian?
mexitokyo 25
Question about booking International Flights . . .
chinalake67 14
The Great Courses: Experiencing Medieval Europe
acraven 18
Eastern Europe Base for One Month
clermontd 31
Language Learning — next steps?
Eef 19
Accepting Reality
horsewoofie 50
Happy New Year!!!!
Ken 11
bill 7
Christmas cards ( eCards) from hotels in Europe where you have stayed?
Lola 4
How Many Trips are you Mentally Planning?
Dana 62
Travel again in 2021!
Marjatta 33
Multiple Companies/Groups Working on Vaccine Passports
acraven 3
Passport question
marcia 7
What is the best US phone and wireless plan for Europe?
Anne 18
Traveling in retirement-how is it different?
Allan 117
Travel Vouchers from 2020
Karen 1
Six Words
Nigel 71
Happy Birthday to Dr. Fauci
Maggie 13
European Union vaccine rollout started today
Nigel 2
Marbleskies 22
Happy Christmas Adam- Kids think the darndest things ! And a sad note, too.
Toni 10
Merry Christmas All..
S J 25
Gifts from Europe under your Christmas Tree?
Jean 21