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Christmas dinner
Janette 0
Brussels, Brugge and Ghent in 3 days over Christmas
Janette 4
Brugge or Ghent?
Janette 6
Sims chip for France and Belgium
Janet 1
Side trip from Paris to Bruges or Ghent? Or both?
janelle.k.and... 10
Xmas in Belgium
Jane 3
Travel from Brussels to Bordeaux
Jan 6
I have two weeks - what's the smartest and most i can try to see/do?
jamrtay 11
Need hotel recommendation in Brugge, Brussels, and barge hotel in Amsterdam
jamilner 10
Brussels Transportation
jamilner 3
Car rental in Brussels
jamilner 5
City pass for Ghent
jamielcroc 4
Christmas travel
jacktravels02 5
jackn 5
7 Days in Belgium - Rent an Apartment in Brussels with Day Trips?
Jackie 4
12 days in Belgium, need ideas
Jackie 22
What's open on Sunday in Belgium
Jackie 7
September 2016 - What to wear?.
Jackie 4
COVID Test for Return to USA
Jack 6
COVID Pass for Belgium and Beyond
Jack 1
Brussels vs Bruges
jaccigamble 4
Train from Lille France to Bruge
j4franz 11
Mussels in Bruges
Ivy 5
How to get to Bruge from Zeebrugge
iris9 5
Bruges and Ghent via train from Amsterdam
irene5252 7
train paris to brussels to bruge.
ireland.lyn9 4
Bruge 4 december and canal
ireland.lyn9 2
hopper flights between Brussels and Krakow
inkatshands 2
Cave's and/or Gorges
Battle of the Bulge -- self tour
Belgium Train Tickets Diabolo Fee (to/from Brussels Airport)
idoreen 3
Good eats in Bruges and Ghent
idoreen 9
Air from US to Belgium
ida 7
How to get from Paris -> Brussels -> Bruges via train? 5
Bruges to Amsterdam, and what to do along the way 4
5 days in Belgium. Can I improve this itinerary?
hubbard.gretchen 8
Business trip in Antwerp, then 2 weeks to travel
htagieff 2
The Augustin Hotel?
hsico75 1
24 hours in Brussels, Sandemans Free Brussels Tour?
hsico75 7
Thalys Ticket, is it valid to use to get to Midi Station?
hsico75 5
Lace in Brussels
hoosierz 0
Diabolo Train Fee??
HH05 3
2 N BURGES, 3 N Brussels. Please provide feedback.
helenli 5
Hotels in Bruges and Brussels
helenli 11
Please suggest trip route from Ghent-Venice
helenli 9
which website for train from Utretch -Ghent, and so on
helenli 6
stations for day trip
helenli 7
Gent dampoort to gent saint pieters- brussel tomorrow
helenli 3
home base in belgium
heidi.litwin 12
5 nights in Belgium, fall 2023
heathereme 9