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Eurostar London to Brugge
1378jbell 5
Eurostar from London to Brussels to Bruges to Amsterdam in One Day-which train route...
3dognut 5
Holiday/Christmas Concerts in Brussels December 2019
5OHS 2
a5lson 5
brussels this summer(20-27 june)
aabbddlah2006 3
Belgium and Netherlands Trip
aandra202 8
WW2 Europe trip Pt 2 - Belgium (and then some)
AaronW 54
Train Travel Help Needed: Paris-to-Bruges and Bruges-to-Haarlem and Gare du Nord tips
AB 12
Brussels Midi to Paris Gare du Nord
Abby413 2
Traveling to Belgium
adamr927 12
Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - France
Adam T 8
Three Country Point
addyfiorito 11
adodd 2
Hotel/B&B in Bruges
adodd 1
restaurants along autoroute from Liege to Bruges?
adodd 2
Luxembourg - Recommendations / Tips / Etc
Adventurer 10
belgian train stations
agostina82 2
Planning a 15 nights in Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands
aimeesoo 7
Belgium and Netherlands
aishwaryarao.84 4
Luggage storage in Ghent
ajasharper 3
Day trips from Brussels
akdenny 13
Afternoon in Brussels or Ghent?
Al 9
Splitting a week between Belgium and the Netherlands
Alan 6
Bruges or Brussels?
Alan 6
Brussels to Bruges by train
Alan 3
Brussels to London-->LHR via Eurostar, Early Dec 2014
albert 3
Train from Brussels to Bruges
AlbertaMax 5
Brussels is underrated
alcoh71 9
Travel to Belgium and Netherlands Christmas 2021
Alex 5
Chocolate stores in Antwerp.
alexander.m.b... 8
Do shops close up on Sundays in Bruges/Brussels/Ghent/Antwerp?
Alexandra 7
Belgium, Amsterdam, Berlin
Al G 20
Traveling by train from Belgium to Germany during Easter
aliciaholden7 6
Train Travel in Belgium
Amanda 5
Train from Old City to Outside Brussels
AmandaR 0
Two Days in Belgium
amitg.21 4
a question about beggars in Brussels
amy 7
Luggage Storage at Brussels Train Station
Amy 2
Ribs in Belgium?
Amy 14
Biking in Bruges
amyk 14
Biking in Bruges update
amyk 1
Luggage storage in Bruges, Belgium
amymcarthurrd 2
Brussels to Loire Valley
andmurray1959 3
Day tour from Amsterdam to Bruges?
Andrea 6
Ghent, Liège, Charleroi, or ??
Andrea 8
London to Brussels day trip
Andrea 6
Lodging And Day Trip Recommendations in Bruges
Andrea 19
Trains and itinerary
angel 3
Belgian Train Questions
Angie 8
Hotels near the European Parliament
Angie1010 1