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Luggage storage in Bruges, Belgium

We will be in Bruges for the day this week and need a place to store our bags. It looks like they have something at the train station, but I can’t find a place online where we can reserve it advance. I need to know that we will have a place. There’s no way we can take our bags around with us. Any suggestions?

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This place claims to be near the Bruges station. I haven't checked a map. . Google also found this website:

Here's an earlier RS Forum thread about the lockers in the station itself:

I wouldn't expect to be able to reserve a locker at the station. For one thing, they have no way of knowing how many people will show up at the station to remove their bags from lockers at any particular time. At stations with staffed luggage-storage facilities (which it seems Bruges does not have), I wouldn't expect to need a reservation.

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Thank u! I’ve checked both of those sites, and they both say there’s nothing available. (?) According to the link you’re referring to as well as something else I saw, it looks like there are lockers there. Hopefully there will be one available when we get there. I’m trying to check ahead to make sure. We were stuck with our bags a few days ago, and it made the day much harder. I don’t want that to happen again. Thank you again for your help!