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Bruges Train Station Storage Lockers?


I'm going to be spending a day in Bruges in August on my way to Amsterdam. Actually, there will be five of us...three adults, two children. We'll be coming from Paris, stopping in Bruges for day, then going to Amsterdam in the evening. So, we will need to put our suitcases in lockers. The information online is a bit unclear to me, so I'm wondering if anyone has personal experience of leaving their luggage at the Bruges train station? If so, are the lockers large enough to accommodate large suitcases? Is the locker situation easy to figure out...meaning, is it easy to find, navigate, etc.? How much does it cost, and is there someone you deal with regarding the lockers, or are they self-handled lockers...insert euros and get a key or something? Thanks so much!

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The lockers at the train station are easy to figure out and to find, self service, (no key it is code on a piece of paper to open it) in 3 languages including English and large enough for a 22 inch x 14 inch carry on size bag. But that is a major travel destination in the summer and there may not be lockers left by the time you get there from Paris. I'm pretty sure you can pay by card or cash. Also the main train station in Bruges Sint Peters is about a mile from the old town

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In Ghent “Sint-Pieters” is the main station, but not in Bruges, the correct name there is Brugge (Station) and as soon as the train arrives you will see signs with Brugge, that’s it! Brugge-Sint-Pieters is just a train stop along the line to Zeebrugge and Knokke and you can’t store your luggage there.

I have messured the (self service) luggage lockers in Bruges last month for a similar question. There are three sizes with the following dimensions (HxLxD): 90x50x80cm ( for €5,50/24h) the others 60x35x80cm ( €5,-/24h) and 45x35x80cm ( €4,50/24h). As far as I could see they were coinoperated only and as Jazz+Travels already says you get a print with the locker number and a code for opening it once you are back. You can find the locker room entrance next to the ticket desks in the main concourse.

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the lockers should be large enough - how large is your suitcase?
they have several sizes; the cost is nominal although if I remember correctly, we used euros.
They were easy to figure out but there are people around always willing to help.

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Thank you! My suitcase is (in inches):
29” x 20.5” x 12.5”
For those who have stored luggage there, do you think we’ll be able to get lockers? We arrive at 11 a.m. and will be leaving in the evening.
Thank you!

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The largest locker should work. (my, but what a big suitcase you have, said the wolf)

29 inches is just about 73 cm...
20.5 is 52 cm.

You should be fine - just get the biggest.

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You could also store the bag in Brussels Midi Train station where you would connect for Bruges from Paris and on the way to Amsterdam