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restaurants along autoroute from Liege to Bruges?

My wife and I will be driving from near Liege to Bruges in early April. I know that in France there are restaurants that are placed right next to the freeway where you can get lunch. Is it the same in Belgium? How good or bad are they? Any recommendations (w are not expecting gourmet, but would like something edible, and if possible, something Belgian)? Thanks. Peter

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The whole drive is only 2 hours - how far do you want to go before you stop?

You will be passing right next to Leuven, Brussels and Ghent on the drive. You could pop in to any of them. Or wait until you arrive.

Yes, there are services. Not gourmet, edible, fairly Belgian. Most have a Pizza Hut counter and a hot and cold counter and a sandwich chiller and a mini grocery. A major grocery chain in Belgium is Delhaize so most mini groceries are that. There may be a baguette sandwich counter, or not, depending on which services. There may be an AC.

There are lots of service areas. If you need a list, go to and scroll down until the roads are listed, the service areas are all listed.

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Not really fancy but restaurant chain Lunch Garden offers in general good value for the money, there is one near Tessenderlo halfway between Liege and Antwerp along the E313. For a more Belgian experience you have to leave the freeway, there are many places close to the exits with good reviews.

However your main worry will be the traffic jams around Antwerp or Brussels and it’s not easy to avoid them in one way or another.