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brussels this summer(20-27 june)

Hello all

I m going to brussels this summer(20-27 june)
I M coming with my wife and my 2 daughters(11 and 9)

And I have some questions

1- For the flat that I m going to rent via airbnb,, do you recommend me to have it with air conditioning? or the weather shall be ok? i went to paris last july and i made sure to have air con coz it was so hot at the time...

2- With regard to the area of stay.. Sablon seems nice.. I might go for something there,, are there areas that I need to avoid due to safety issues?
3- i managed to stay 7 nights in paris last summer without any issues related to scams,, so when comparing brussels and paris in terms of safety/street scams ... are they the same?

thanks in advance...

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I don't have enough information to suggest that you change your plans. But many posters on this newsboard prefer Ghent or Antwerp, even for a multi-day stay. Brussels has plenty to see, especially museums. But as the EU "capital", it's a big city with (IMHO) less to offer than Paris. Other posters here can't resist the medieval charm of the old center of Brugge, even if they have to stay in a modern motel because the older BnB's are too expensive. It happens to be very easy to make cheap, unreserved train outings between all of these cities.

You haven't filled in the 'home city/area' of your Public Profile. But it seems odd to me that you ask about "scams" rather than "crime" or "personal safety." Street crime is much lower in Europe than in the U.S. But tourists walking slowly, with their heads pointing up, can be targeted anywhere.

Because I haven't been to Belgium in ten years, I won't venture an opinion. But I've spent many weeks in Antwerp, which has more of an "Amsterdam vibe" than Brussels, and always felt very safe. EDIT: By "Amsterdam vibe", I mean "fun, major city of the world, but with drug/homeless problems and counter-culture attractiveness." That is NOT a slam, I've been there at least five times.

I will also add that I don't use AirBnB because I believe it causes so much harm to local real estate markets. Even in my high-income New Jersey suburb of NYC, short-term rentals are outlawed.

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It's true that other Belgian cities may have a more charming overall appearance. However Brussels works perfectly for a week's stay due to the transportation connections. Brugge, Antwerp, and Ghent are all very easy day trips by train from Brussels. And Brussels has its own charms, including the Grand Place, spectacular Musee des Instruments, and Fine Arts Museum. I think you've picked the right place.
As the poster above noted, Brussels is not as heavily frequented by tourists as Amsterdam or Paris. I've been to Brussels many times, and while one always needs to be careful, I feel more relaxed in Brussels than I do in the larger cities where scams seem more "in your face."

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Thanks all for the great help
I m going to travel with my family that is why I m trying to make sure that I don’t fall victim to any scams.and I m looking forward to enjoy the country and the culture …