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Rick Steves Tours

A community for Rick Steves tour alums, first-timers and future tour members.

Our tours attract fun, flexible folks who often remain friends many years after their "farewell" dinner together. We've created the Rick Steves Tours forum as a place for tour alums to stay in-touch with their tour buddies and share their candid tour experiences. It's also a place for first-time and future tour members to ask questions and get the inside scoop from our tour pros about what it's like to travel with Rick Steves' Europe.

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Best of Europe in 14 days - Aug 31–Sep 13
Gaspare T 12
Best of Europe in 14 Days - May 11-24 (Alums - need your help)
treeder 19
Best of Europe in 14 days starting May 8th
Jan 5
Best of Europe in 14 Days - This October
dib9190 4
Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour Beginning September 11, 2018 Iowa, anyone?
tamara81 3
Best of Europe My Way 14 day tour- Bike riding in Paris
swetrich 4
Best of Europe: September 2 - 22
bgres07 1
Best of Europe Tour
Trixie-Belle 11
Best of Europe Tour May 24 – June 13
hockmasm 3
Best of Europe tour with Keukenhof Gardens
dlboomer 6
Best of Germany 13 days
mua1530 10
Best Of Ireland
mbheart 7
Best of Ireland 14 Days - Laundry?
Shawn 14
Best of Ireland--14 days or Best of Scotland--14 days
Robin 8
Best of Ireland--14 Day Tour
Robin 30
Best of Ireland 2014
Ray 9
Best of Ireland 9/8/19 Anyone else on this tour?
Janet 4
Best of Ireland, Almost here!
bkmat62 4
Best of Ireland-Belfast
mbheart 4
Best of Ireland, hiking boots?
bkmat62 11
Best of Ireland June 26-July 9
Kathy 1
Best of Ireland June 8th itinerary
wellsfamily903 1
Best of Ireland pre tour advice
bkmat62 11
Best of Ireland Tour
Carol 17
Best of Ireland tour- any self-serve laundries available?
peony gal 7
Best of Italy 17 Days
skloop7 5
Best of Italy 17 Days Tour
Kate 15
Best of Italy April 6, 2018
mgrahn 2
Best of Italy - Disassembling guide book
Diane M 25
Best of Italy, Here We Come!
gmillergang 5
Best of Italy in 17 days
TravelMas 2
Best of Italy in 17 Days
northwestwoman 11
Best of Italy in 17 Days Alums - early arrival in Milan
gtjackets8083 8
Best of Italy in 17 days...starting June 7
wesleycl 4
Best of Italy in 17 Days Tour Starting 9/20
stephenldillon 0
Best of Italy late September early October 2018
nafogg 4
Best of Italy Oct 12-Oct 28 Who's going?
moonheadsc 1
Best of Italy or Venice, Florence and Rome tour !! Trying to decide !!
joe.kimmy 15
Best of Italy or Village Italy
Gail 10
Best of Italy - September 7-23rd - who's going?
gmillergang 1
Best of Italy Tour
yosemite1 6
Best of London 2017
steve 15
Best of London April (Easter) 2019
hollyberry65 5
Best of London in 7 Days only 2 tours a year?
anna2222 3
Best of Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna, 27 November-4 December, who's going?
kathy 1
Best of Munich, Salzburg, Vienna Questions
Debbie 4
Best of Paris 7 day
bobbifeier 8
Best of Paris 7days
Ed B 20
Best of Paris 7 days May 6-12
Sue Bartlett 15
Best of Paris/Best of Rome Tour Hotels
Frank II 12