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Autumn weather in Sicily

We are planning to take the RS tour of Sicily in autumn 2023 and are considering the tour overlapping end of September into October but wondering if it may still be very hot in September. Would appreciate hearing of anyone's experience travelling at that time of year with regards to weather/temperature.

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We took the RS Best of Sicily in 11 Days Tuesday, October 8, 2019 — Friday, October 18, 2019 after the RS South of Italy tour. Checking my journal, these are my recorded temps:
10/6 - Partly cloudy, 77

10/7 - Cloudy, light rain showers, 68

10/8 - 75

10/9 - Sunny, 79

10/10 - Sunny 75

10/11 - Sunny 79
10/12 - Sunny 77

10/13 - Sunny 79

10/14 - Sunny 77

10/15 - Fog, windy on Mt. Edna, Sunny in Taormina

10/16 - Sunny 77

10/17 - Sunny 77

We like the shoulder seasons, particularly fall. You will so love this tour. Enjoy!

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You can find actual, historical, day-by-day weather statistics for most destinations of tourist interest on the website The information usually goes back about ten years. I like to check at least the three most recent years, and five would be better. There can be a lot of year-to-year variation.

Palermo September 2022:

Siracusa September 2022:

Use the pull-down box above the graph to get the weather history for previous years and/or for October.

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We arrived in Sicily in mid October to avoid the heat and still had some very warm days. We were glad we hadn’t arrived any earlier.

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We did Sicily in February once. Weather was fine. We are headed to Crete in 5 days and weather will be fine there at this time of year.
You ask is it very hot. I guess it depends on your definition of hot. Do you want it hot? Do you want to swim? Do you live in Florida or Minnesota?
I always look at the weather channel to see what the weather will be when I go somewhere. Then I make a decision to either go there or I will be prepared for the weather I encounter if I am going anyway.

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Suki and Treemoss thanks for your comments. We plan to go during September / October so trying to gauge from others' past experiences what to expect during those months before we make a choice. Ideal temperatures in the 20s range.