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August 31 Best of South Italy Cancelled

Just got word our "fallback" trip, the August 31 Best of South Italy tour, has been cancelled.

I've been expecting it, but still...

Actually, we were considering (sort of) cancelling our reservation anyway. I had planned what would have been a month-long stay in Italy, bracketing the RS South Italy tour scheduled to begin May 18. We signed up for the August 31 tour after the May 18 (and the August 29, and the June22) tours were cancelled, but we would have had to rush home after the tour. That's not what I had in mind.

But now the decision has been made for us. Oh, well; time to get out our USA road atlas and see what state and national parks will be open this summer.

I wonder if anyone else has had four dates of the same tour cancelled this year?

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So sorry, Jane. We are limiting our trips to nearby states that we can drive to and which are not quarantining people from our state.

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Sorry Jane. I am so glad that we took our trip in September 2019 instead of April or May 2020.

2021 can't get here soon enough!

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Makes me so sad. I imagine mine will be cancelled too - it’s a Sept. 8-17 tour. It’s a triple sadness after the racial tensions and the Coronavirus. Hopefully next year will be a brighter one and our travels can resume.

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I am so sad for you - this was a fantastic trip for us. We just got word that our river cruise set to depart Aug.22nd was cancelled. I’m sorry you’ve had your hopes up four times this year.

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I'm so sad that your trip is cancelled. We loved the South of Italy tour last year. Hopefully you can take the tour next year.

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Thanks, everyone. There's a lot of disappointment around here lately; it's good to have friends that understand.

And yes, we are definitely planning to redo this whole thing next year.

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No, not four but two different trips cancelled in the past four months. Not unexpected, disappointed but proactively planning ahead for next year.

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Jane, that is disappointing, and yes, many of us unfortunately understand! I had planned to take my daughter for her first trip to Europe this September. We were going to Italy. I’m giving it a generous 10 percent chance of happening.

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Jane, sorry your trip was canceled, but did RS office call you? Does this mean more tours are canceled?

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Hi diveloonie! The RS tours FAQ page says "All Rick Steves' Europe tours are cancelled through September 6, 2020." (Previously it had been through August 15th.)

Bummer Jane!