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Back to Back Italy Tours

Has anyone ever done the Best of Sicily Tour followed by the Best of South Italy tour?

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No personal experience with those two tours, but I would plan to have a few days between the end of the one and the start of the second.

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I've not done either of these tours but I've done a number of back to back and one time a back to back to back with 3 tours in a row. What I found was that I had less "mental" fatigue when I changed "cultures", lol.

  • I did Southern England and Scotland together and by the end of the Scotland trip thought I would scream if I went in another castle ruin. (And I thought I LOVED castles!!)

  • I did Best of England and Paris and Heart of France and the cultures and food were different enough that everything felt fresh on the 2nd tour.

YMMV of course!

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I haven’t done Sicily but had a great experience with South Italy in April. Based on both itineraries and reviews and my experience, I’d do Sicily first because it seems so active then spend a couple of days in Rome, then do South Italy. It’s unusual in RS world in that luggage is transported from bus to hotel at several stops; the hotel in Matera will do a bag of laundry for 12 euros; it’s not overly strenuous; it has two days of free time and only two long bus days. And you end up in Naples, which offers more transportation options than Catania.

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Sure wish I had! Each are the best RSTs I've done and the variety, intensity, novelty (SOIT cow spa extravaganza) beauty and tasty elements are THE best and 5-star rating worthy. Exceptional RST guides and local guides, too. Admittedly, am huge fan of southern Italy and Sicily. Very special in myriad ways. Did BOS mid to late April and SOIT mid to late May. Stellar weather for each. Hope you and travel partner do it.

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We did these two back to back in April/May. Sicily was a winter tour (now not divided into winter and summer). We ended in Catania and flew to Rome for the 3 days between the tours. There were 2 other couples on the Sicily tour who were also on the South Italy tour with us. None of us had met before Sicily. I think they each stayed an extra day in Sicily. It was an easy transition between the tours. I think we did laundry while back in Rome before heading out. We loved both tours.
The year we were there it was comfortable weather, though cooler than I expected on both tours