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ATM locations

Bank of America partners with BNP, BNL and Deutsche Bank. We are headed over for the My Way Alpine Tour and have been researching ATM locations. So far I can't find any partner bank locations (I believe Austria and Switzerland have no BofA partner)

I'm hoping that maybe there's a Deutsche Bank location in Fussen, tho I've not had any success with the search tools to locate one.. Or perhaps we might spy a BNL when we stop in Bolzano. Travelers, please let me know if you've seen any of these banks along the Tour?

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Use Google Maps or similar application and search for "deutsche bank near Füssen, Germany". It should return bank locations (if any). However, note that using your BofA ATM will only save you the $5 out of system usage fee. BofA will charge you a 3% international transaction fee fee. A 300 EUR withdraw will cost you abut $10 USD.

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When I travel, I don't stress about
finding "partner bank" locations in Europe.

I just make fewer & larger ATM cash withdrawals & figure that paying the $5 per transaction fee, is nothing, compared to the total cost of my trip.

Enjoy your trip!

EDIT: I always use a bank ATM during business hours, & prefer banks with ATMs inside their lobby.
I feel safer using bank ATMs just in case the machine decides to "swallow" my card (it happened in Greece), or any other issues arise.

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Like Priscilla, I'm also not too concerned about the ATM affiliations. I just look for the nearest bank ATM that has a Cirrus / Plus / Maestro affiliation. In the overall scheme of things, paying a few bucks for a service fee is not going to affect my holiday.

You may find this thread interesting.....

One other word of warning is to be aware of Direct Currency Conversion (DCC). If the ATM offers you a choice of having the cash charged in your home currency or local currency, always accept the "local currency" option.

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Bank of America is tough on the pocketbook, as is Wells Fargo--$5 and 3% discount per transaction.
I use a credit union ATM card when traveling internationally that has no charges and pays 100%. I also carry a Wells Fargo card as a backup.
Going into Europe, I obtain cash in the airport at a bank ATM--universally available. I avoid non-bank ATM's like Travelex. And I don't take the time and effort to chase around partner banks when over there.
Primarily, I use a Capital One credit card that pays back "miles" for future travel and advances 100% of the daily currency rate. My cash withdrawals are actually minimal.

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Priscilla's advice suits me. Withdraw a large amount with a one-time fee. North Americans who are accustomed to using plastic for most of their transactions can run up a pile of fees in Europe. Cash is easy, fast and probably cheaper in the long run.

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We do not look for bank partners. We look for actual banks with ATM inside whenever possible. Al;so you need to find banks that are within network like Plus or Star which are printed on the card. Most banks are associated with both.

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Here is another tip: take two cards, different accounts. My husband and I always travel with two debit and two credit cards, each tied to a different account. It sure comes in handy when one card is frozen, for some unknown reason, or is lost. As others suggested take out larger amounts on fewer occasions. Plus, don't forget to inform your bank/credit card company of your travel dates.

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Lots of good advice listed above. If you plan to travel internationally in the future, you may find that having a debit card with no ATM fees and no foreign transaction fees is worthwhile. I have one through Charles Schwab Bank that works great. There are others as well. One added benefit is that I have an account specific for travel when it comes to saving/budgeting throughout the year.

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I use my ATM Card from my local credit union, and pay no "foreign ATM fee", pay no fee at all, get a great exchange rate, and don't have to look for ANY particular ATM. Why are people still stuck with big banks that charge you to use services that credit unions will charge you nothing for???

I dumped my big bank years ago and have never missed it even once.

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Recommending getting larger amounts is fine, but be aware some ATMS have their own limits. I requested 300 euros, nope, you can't have 300, do you want 200? Sure.
I use a credit union card with no fees and carry a Wells Fargo as backup, and hope to never have to use it. That $5 plus 3% is totally nuts!

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What others said about considering opening a Schwab account if you anticipate further travel, I support, I have one, never an issue, only the less than 1% network fees, no need to "switch" banks, just open the account, I use mine as my travel fund, and it is a nice primary or back-up for my Credit Union Account.

As for concerns about finding a Star or Plus ATM, I have to say, in 16 years and almost as many trips, the only ATM I ever ran into where my card did not work was a cash machine attached to a Bank that only took their cards, so not really an issue. As for a hard rule of using only ATMs attached to a bank during business hours; If it makes you feel good and causes no inconvienance, then no harm. But if you need cash, using other ATMs for me has never created an issue in safety or fees.

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....... need to find banks that are within network like Plus or Star which are printed on the card. Most banks are associated with both.........

Needs a slight correction. Star network is a North American network used by a lot of credit unions. You will not find Star in Europe. It is Plus (Visa) or Cirrus (Mastercard) that is common to most banks in Europe. We never look for an ATM. We let them find us. On the day I know I want more cash, the debit card goes into a secure pocket and we just start sightseeing. Somewhere that day we will see a bank. If that fails, I ask the hotel. Remember the ATMs in Europe are in place for the locals to use and not just for the convenience of tourists. Atms are everywhere.

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I also use a credit union debit card that has no fees. However, I did discover (the hard way) that the credit union had a limit on the amount of withdrawals on any given day (I think it was $300). I had to pay a tour guide in China cash, and had difficulty getting enough money out of an ATM. Since then, I asked the credit union to increase my limit - no problem. So check this with your credit union or bank before leaving home!

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Years ago, prior to 2008, we had an account with B of A; and I would routinely look for their partner banks atm's while traveling. Once, in a village in France, I couldn't find a BNP and checked at the TI office. The agent confirmed there was none, but added that the next town did have a BNP. I had a sudden epiphany. to wit, that it was a bit nutty to go to such lengths to save a few dollars. After the revelations of so much bad behavior by the big banks, including their ever expanding appetites for junk fees, we have withdrawn our business from them and use a local bank instead.

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I have developed a new philosophy. Since my local bank charges a flat fee for foreign currency I am now converting a much larger amount than I used to for my initial start up cash. And I also request a higher daily withdrawal limit. This just decreases the number of withdrawals I have to make at ATMs. Might not work for everyone but works well for me.

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Your tour manager should also be able to direct you.

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I second Frank's post. I spent June in Europe, my 14 years going there, and found ATMs all over the place. I just look for a bank ATM machine and use my credit card debit card tied to a checking account whenever I am low on cash. I have never been charged by an ATM machine and do pay a 1% transaction fee to my CU that I have belonged to for 43 years and prefer to stay with them.

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I am with Elaine. My bank does not charge me a transaction fee so I get a fairly large amount of cash before I leave on my trip. I also use their debit card when I need additional cash. I only use the debit card to pay for a large item. Yes, I am guilty of buying jewelry as a souvenir.