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Tourist Scams

Know the game

Tourists are targeted by scam and rip-off artists everywhere in Europe. If you know the games (spilling the mustard, bus 64 in Rome, and so on), you're less likely to be a victim. By sharing the latest scams (and learning from each others' mistakes) we'll all travel more safely.

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Have you heard about an app that can pick up your ATM pin code?
Bets 11
Has anyone had problems with
daybee71nfun 9
Got tricked by 3rd party hotel site
Yo Pauly 19
got scammed anyways
choquette.r 17
Google Response to Fraud Report
Larry 13
Gold Crown Resorts
lindajuly3 3
Getting my money back, the easy way.
Barnstormer 7
Getting La Scala tickets
gibsmail 4
Front of the Line Tour tickets
tcbhouse 4
For fashionable people who don't use money belts...
Nicole P 30
food fake in italy
virginia.garr... 2
Fine scam on Frankfurt airport train
gentlesea14850 50
Fascinating article on Airbnb properties ( also VRBO, etc.) in London
Lola 15
Fareboom is a horrid company - stay away!
chgodiego 15
Fake wallet?
Donald 36
Fake police scam in Amsterdam
utteeyo 8
Fake Passports
Larry 14
Fake Paris taxi driver JAILED for overcharging tourists
Chris F 15
Fake Oil Painting Shop in Burano Italy
Heidi 9
Fake gold ring scam
ascentmgt1 17
Fake-Alaska Airline scam
jjgurley 22
extreme low water pressure at hotel delle rose at paestum
sunjing 2
Expérience and warning from a long-time expat in Paris
Bets 33
Even happens to professional travelers
Bets 16
Europcar Overcharge
Stephen 12
Euro for Pound scam
mschonekas 17
Eiffel Tower Scam
jehb2 7
"Do you speak English" scam in Paris
Richard 14
Do you know the artist David Schor?
sherryjb 12
Do thieves know about your money belt?
KC 21
Don't let your guard down!
Chuck 7
Don't Jaywalk in Kraków!
James 12
Don't buy Seven Corners Insurance
speckmank 16
Don't book your flight with these guys!
Lola 11
Do not use Reservation
santacruzdela32 9
do NOT rent any property from Emma Villa is Tuscany
chick001 4
Doesn't matter how 'theft proof your bag is' if...
aquamarinesteph 11
Does my husband need a money belt ?
KER 32
Diversion Scams
Barnstormer 18
Crowds at entrances and personal space preferences
avirosemail 18
Credit Card Protection
yosemite1 4
collections service trying to collect on Italian traffic citations
philridar 2
Clear bags to deter thieves?
ArielK 21
Chip and Pin machine issue Torrevieja Spain
jayhamps 9
Centurion rome - 20 euro x pictures
ilmondodavide 16
CDG airport taxi scam
paulscrudato 18
CC info intercepted when booking hotel by email
BillP 14
Caution about
Sherry 1
Carrying passport, etc. in small attachable bag at bottom of Civita day pack?
Les 26
Car rental through OE Interactive Ltd
fivekaff 3