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Do you know the artist David Schor?

I own a beach rental condo in Gulf Shores and advertise it on Craigs List. I got a reply from David Schor (says he is a Miami-based artist) offering to exchange an original oil painting for a stay at our 'vacation property'. I looked him up on the internet and all I could find was his website (which he furnished) or other postings that looked like he created them or posted himself to them - no reviews of works, no shows etc. He offered to send the painting by the 2019 Xmas holidays and wanted a booking in 2020 - didn't have to be in season. He did not say for how long and what he would consider 'in season'. If he actually sends the painting in advance I don't know what the scam could be (unless he wants money up front for framing, shipping etc.).

Does anyone know about this?

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I agree with Heather. If you cannot find much information on him on the internet, then definitely cash.

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What size is the oil painting he's offering? Has he emailed or texted you a photo of it? Would you like an oil painting by him? Personally I like a barter system but must be very careful that what you barter is of equal value. Absolutely must get the 'how long' from him so you can see if the cost of your rental is equivalent to what he's offering. Lots to consider.

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My word, Lola! What a thread you linked to!

Yes, I'd run fast, run far and then block his emails.

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I read part of the link also. Has he been doing this for 19 years, or did he just finish a long prison sentence and is back to his old tricks.

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kclyons, a very interesting link as well. Apparently the person who wanted the appraisal thought it far more valuable than the professional appraiser. I'd go with the professional in this instance.

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Yeah, sounds like a scam. I wouldn't go near it.

On the other hand I make a mean artisanal mocha cheesecake...can we make a deal? Curated just for you. 6 cheesecakes for 3 nights? :)

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I suppose it depends a bit on your expectations or motivations.

From the information you provided, he has not suggested anything out of line, just a simple transaction..."I stay at your place, I pay you in the form of a painting".

You can certainly make the assessment if the transaction is fair, he can certainly be free to value his painting as he sees fit.

Now if you assume that the painting is worth much more than the value of the stay (and really what is that, if the other option is an empty rental) and your intent is to sell the painting and profit, but find no market...then you are as much a part of a "scam" as he is.