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Don't buy Seven Corners Insurance

My husband and I were scheduled for a RS Scandinavian trip for June 7, 2022, and had to cancel because I messed up my back (which turned out to be two fractures to my sacrum). After the RS trip, we were going to London for a week by ourselves. We purchased Seven Corners Insurance -- and as of Oct. 27, 2022, we have not gotten our money back. First, they kept saying they were overwhelmed with claims and had to hire more people. Second, they said that documents we had uploaded hadn't come through. We reloaded them three weeks ago, but not even an acknowledgement that they got them. This company had good ratings -- boy, were those ratings wrong. Counting our flights and the RS tour and the week in London, we are out of a chunk of money. I just want to warn people NOT to use this company.

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I've never heard of Seven Corners Insurance. I would love to tell a creditor that "we are overwhelmed with bills"!

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I suggest you contact the Insurance Commissioner for your state and file a complaint. I've seen several people post recently that this worked for them on shaking things loose from a tight-fisted insurer.

This is very aggravating!

editing to add:

"I've never heard of Seven Corners Insurance."

It is a company I've seen mentioned before if not here, elsewhere. They have/had an annual travel insurance policy which obviously might not do a bit of good!

Someone else mentioned an insurance company saying they were overwhelmed and couldn't get to every claim. I think if I were told this I'd have to say well, then quit selling policies until you have a number of claims you can handle.

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They have been around a long time and have generally good ratings. I think if you’d search around you’d find many travel insurance companies with delayed claims. They are overwhelmed with COVID related claims and are short personnel (like almost every other business). On the Tauck website there are numerous reports of unpaid claims dating back 6 months, this from AON which they recommend. Be persistent in your follow up. I’d hold on involving the insurance commissioner if or until they deny your valid claim, or they once again claim not to have recieved your documents.

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AON is also the insurance company that Road Scholar uses and the Road Scholar FB pages are littered with complaints about AON not paying out after months and months. To be fair there were plenty of complaints BEFORE the pandemic about payout from that company.

Honestly, since you've not even gotten feedback after your latest submission I don't see the harm in filing a complaint. Four months is generous for them to essentially hold your money. They need to get the company executives involved in handling claims if they don't have enough staff.

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My claim with SC is currently under review. I submitted it just over 3 months ago. Have you checked the status of your claim in your SC account? In the claim details, I can clearly see the documents that I uploaded associated with our claim.

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I agree don’t buy insurance from them. They took 4 months to deny our claim just because my wife tested positive for Covid less than 18 hours after we got on the cruise ship. She was confined to a room for a week and could not go any where but that does mean that her trip was interrupted per Seven Corners. Ridiculous

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Unfortunately, I don't think any company is going to cover you if you get on the cruise ship and then get confined. In truth you got what you paid for, did you enjoy it? nope, but travel insurance doesn't cover that.

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@ Alan. RSE does not sell travel insurance, but they are known to have reasonable responses to last minute health issues of customers. Their policy does not require them to provide credits in those circumstances, but they may allow a credit for a future trip. Asking certainly doesn't cost anything and may result in a positive outcome.

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@ Scot.dailey, you've had the limits if trip interruption insurance explained to you multiple times, here and on your own thread. You seem unable to understand the terms and conditions of that type of insurance. You insured against leaving the cruise before it reached its final port. That's what interruption means. But you didn't leave the cruise. The insurance company was correct in denying your claim.

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We had excellent service from Seven Corners. In March 2020, I asked for a refund for the remaining months on our year-long trip insurance policy. We got it immediately. Of course the quantity of claims were low at that point.
However, we had to wait months and months for refunds from Delta, Emirates, and Celebrity Cruises, but with some patience, it all came through. I did loose insurance from a different company that wouldn't answer phones or email, but I don't even remember the name of the company. And that hotel in Dubai offered me a credit to be used by May 2020😂

You might be new to claims since Çovid started. Systems are slower. It was only in June when a giant swoosh of people descended on any vehicle that could get them traveling. Just relax. It's a good company. They'll come through. Keep calling or contact your State Insurance Commissioner.
I really hope your back is healing and you can go later.
Did the airline give you future credit?
And the guy with the poor positive wife isolated on a cruise ship won't get approved because she was on the ship. Bad timing. Twenty -four hours earlier and she'd be denied boarding and the claim would be approved. Stinky catch-22 for them.

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I have never heard of that company. We won’t buy insurance without researching from friends and family that the particular insurance company pays out claims quickly with no excuses. Ratings mean nothing to us without concrete examples of a company‘s specific practices.