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Doesn't matter how 'theft proof your bag is' if...

I am sharing this story because there is always a lively debate here on the boards about pickpockets, how to best protect your valuables, etc.

We just returned from a trip to Canada. We were standing in line for a restaurant to have breakfast. The only reason I noticed this in the first place was because the line was long, and I was trying to stay awake until I could be seated and have some coffee.

The woman in line in front of us had a PacSafe bag with a very visible logo on it. I started studying her bag and realized that it was unzipped.

I don't think she was pickpocketed while standing in line for breakfast at a hotel in Canada. I think she forgot to zip the bag. Suggestion - zip the bag if you want to take advantage of its anti-theft features.

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She probably had a rat trap in there.
But people carry PacSafe bags casually in some instances probably; maybe it is fashionable and not to keep someone from stealing something.

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Aquamarinesteph, I so agree with you! I had some home-rigged anti-theft things on my purse in April in Paris. I did not fasten them and got picked, on the Metro, I think. They only got my OTC meds and other toiletries you'd normally have in your purse but yes, lesson learned. Split rings and caribiners do no good if they aren't used. Ditto anti-theft deterrents.

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You have to remember to use them. A simple cable key ring keeping the zippers of my bag together saved me from losing anything after being targetted by a pickpocket gang in Venice.

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My husband and I both carry a Pacsafe sling bag. I love it. It's a smaller sling bag and I forget that I'm wearing it. We have a routine where we (and our kids are really good at this) will periodically check each other's bags to see if they are zipped and locked.

On a relatively empty train platform in Italy my husband was pick pocketed. They didn't get anything. What the guy thought was a fat wallet was really a water bottle. My husband was wearing cargo shorts with the big pockets. It was a weird moment. The guy and my husband were walking side by side with the guy's hand slightly stuck in my husband's pocket. My husband stared at the guy but the guy still walking with his hand slightly stuck in my husband's pocket looked straightforward like everything was normal.

We had just gotten back from Cinque Terre. It was a beautiful day. It could have been ruined if my husband's wallet had been stolen but that didn't happen. I love Pacsafe.

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If the bag is stolen all that security is out the window. Keep your bag attached to your body or on your lap while seated.

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Yep. Heard about a woman on an RS tour who used her money belt, but kept it in her purse not on her. Purse was stolen.

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I can't tell you how often I have been sitting at a café or someplace similar and see the "safe" purse just casually hanging on the back of a chair or sitting out on a table.

I think my "non locking purse that's secured to my body is safer!

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We had our cheap old umbrellas taken in Venice when we hooked them on the back of our chairs in an outdoor cafe. We never left the table and have no idea when or how the thief or thieves got both of them and we were not seated near the street. Lesson learned. There was a heated debate going on in the street which distracted us and they got the umbrellas then probably. We use money belts and neck belts on every trip.

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That's the nice thing about our Pacsafe sling bags. They're always on our bodies but because they're not bulky they don't bother us. I never take my off outside the hotel room--not in restrooms, not in restaurants. When I'm in crowded places like the metro I just roll it over my shoulder so the bag is on my front.

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This is why I love my pacsafe neck wallet. It closes with velcro. Really no way to leave it open. AND, the velcro is pretty strong and loud and if someone tried to open it, it would be very difficult. It would take 2 hands and I have no doubt I would notice.

I like that the cable is adjustable and instead of around the neck or cross body, i wear it around my waist and it is mostly covered by my shirt. For $20, it's a great investment. We now have 4 of them. I think I will be wearing 2 on our upcoming Rome/Greece trip this fall. Mainly because the 2 ppl I am basically escorting, will virtually require me to carry anything of value and possibly their meds as they would be a pick pockets dream!