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do NOT rent any property from Emma Villa is Tuscany

We rented a luxury property from them for 2 weeks in September, but the property was so filthy and poorly maintained it was a nightmare living there.

The property was called LA TOGATA, and really looks wonderfull from the professional potos posted on varoius websites, but they bear no resemblance to what the house actually DO look like.

The biggest and most incredible problem was that the refrigerator did not work, and we were 5 adults and 2 children, 1 and 4 years old, so lots of perishable food needed to be kept cool, which was not posible, and in spite of numerous complaints to Emma Villa, nothing was done, and we had to start throwing out food after 1-2 days.

Well the rent was prepaid, a no chance for refund or getting anything back, so we are stuck with this really ruined holiday experience.

I have loads of pictures if anybody wants to get a closer looks of our travails.

take care out there !

Lesley Cameron

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OK, chick, how did you hear about this property?

Oh, and welcome to our happy band of fellow travelers.

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Please post a review and a couple of your photos on You can help other travelers this way. Sorry for your misfortune. Can really drag down a vacation.

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Thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences on our Forum. We are truly sorry to hear that you had a less-than-acceptable experience during your trip. However, writing about it can be cathartic and help other travelers avoid the same mistake. I would encourage you to think about posting a review on Trip Advisor also. You can post photos with the review to help illustrate your experiences.

Thanks again for letting us know about this lodging. I am sure the other travelers who read your words are grateful for the warning!

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Well first off thank you for your kind sympathetic words all, after all we went through with this vacation it WAS really cathartic to tell the tale to fellow travellers and ensure that they do not end up in the same situation !

The company Emma Vilal, have ads plastered everywhere if you search for a Tuscany vacation, so we did a little groundwork, prior to sending them all the money in advance, sadly those references they gave us were fake...

well again thank you all, and be safe out there !