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Don't book your flight with these guys!

Why anyone would trust their flight booking---and their money---to a company with such a bad website is beyond me, but someone on Tripadvisor did. And then posted a warning about it, because they paid by bank transfer and never got the tickets. I hope no one here would be similarly fooled. Remember the rule: if the price sounds too good to be true, it is.

I especially like where they describe themselves as "concupiscent" (!)

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"We are concupiscent and intellect crew, which is on the mission to build it easier for you to find and compare the best flight deals... Flight Advisor is admirable traveling agency."

Blimey. If that isn't the FIRST clue to run the opposite direction?
And I just love how EVERY fly-by-night site touts themselves as "One of the world's largest...."

You have to wonder sometimes? This is why google is NOT your friend unless you have a clue what the telltale signs of trouble are.

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Sounds like it was written by the Ugandan Prince who wants to give me $250.000.

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I will bet the Ugandan prince speaks better English---and wouldn't use the word concupiscent unless he really meant it.

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Actually it sounds more like the UN official who has a check for me for $2,700,000,000 if I just send him my personal information.

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The trip advisor air travel forum is simply full of threads like this where someone comes to "warn" others not to make the same mistake. The thing is, the people who go to these sort of shady websites are not the people who research them in advance! Otherwise there would not be 4-5 new threads starting up each week with a horror story and warning to others.

There are so many good reasons to book directly with the airlines!

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What do you think they were aiming for with concupiscent? As in what wording did they have that google translated it into concupiscent?

Good grief.

And the DIRE warning on the ATF at TA always make me laugh. Yeah right, buster, like you did any research and would have read/heeded this before you jumped on a too-good-to-be-true airfare?

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Probably the same person who booked with these that also sent an admin fee to Nigeria to claim there Millions in winnings. Thanks for the link terrible website feel sorry for whoever booked on there they must be naive with the internet or just plain stupid

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I love this:

"Complaints Policy:
Your Complaints ought to be made in and you can Email your grumblings on furthermore take note of that Telephonic gripes would not be considered for further managing."

Even funnier, I'm guessing this is the exact same "company" under a slightly different name.

Similar hilarious text:
"Telephonic complains would not be considered for further dealing"

"If the customer doesn’t pay the rest of balance what She/he is supposed to pay She/He will goanna loss the deposit."

"Cheap flight is one of a humble and kind amongst all travel agencies because of its ideal travelling facilities, helping behavior, range and quality. "

But what's not funny at all is that someone who is not reasonably proficient in English or travel in general is apt to miss the (glaring, to me) warning signals, especially this:

"Initial deposit can be taken by credit or debit cards but the rest of balance should be paid in company’s bank account"

Run while you can. Do not even THINK about "booking" with these scammers.

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I'm ashamed to admit that I had to look up concupiscent, but it was worth it.
Maybe they intended conscientious? Another word I always have to resort to spell-check to get right, and I speak English real good. ;)

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"I could NOT care less" does make sense, actually, meaning you do not care at all and therefore could not care less. What doesn't make sense is "I could care less" which really means "I care too much. I could care less". So endeth the lesson.

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What do you think they were aiming for with concupiscent?

I think "compassionate" was the word, although it's still not appropriate for what they were trying to convey in professional sense.