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Hidden pocket travel scarves

Has anyone used an infiniti-style scarf with a hidden zippered pocket for their deep storage of passports, credit cards, etc? They seem like a great idea since I like to wear scarves, but they are a little pricey and since I have only found them online I'm not sure of the quality. I'm not a fan of the money belt because my clothes are generally too form-fitting to wear them comfortably, and I don't like the neck pouch either, so I'm very intrigued with this alternative.

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I'm not sure I'd want all that extra stuff in a loop around my neck, especially not in warmer weather. I also wear form-fitting clothes but use a belt-loop pouch that goes inside the front--actually off to the side near hip--of my jeans.

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I looked at those once but like Christa, I thought they'd be much too warm for our usual spring or fall trips. I pin a small zippered pouch underneath the waistband of my jeans for a card and daily cash - virtually invisible - and we also have a Pacsafe bag (husband carries) for passports and larger items. Works for us.

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Yeah, a money belt or neck pouch isn't really compatible with my usual clothing. Those scarves might be okay for cooler weather until you actually put things in the pocket and suddenly it's weighted down and keep pulling tightly around your throat. I'm a woman of a certain age, I don't like things close up around my throat.

When I travel, I carry a deep tote bag/style purse. My wallet and passport fall to the very bottom. Usually I have to dig around for them. I wear street shoes that allow me to walk all day. I wear the same, mostly-black wardrobe I wear at home. The only problem with this strategy is I get stopped by tourists to ask directions five times a day.

I think if you're used to getting around in a big city, and you're not in a tour group or dressed in obvious touristy clothes, you will rarely have a problem. Locals go to museums and monuments, too. Pickpockets are looking for the easy mark, the oblivious, slow-moving tourist who is carrying a wad of Euros.

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I have a very slender, lightweight, silky neck pouch that I wear "cross-body" and tuck the knot in the top of the string up under my bra strap, so that the string is thus anchored away from my neck, and then tuck the pouch itself into the top of the left side of my slacks (or it just hangs against my body, left side, when wearing a dress). Although an imperfect solution, I also do not like a money belt and have found the pouch, which hangs slightly below my waist, to be the best solution thus far.

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I used to use a money belt worn against the small of my back under my pants, shirt, and usually an over-shirt or jacket of some kind. Since I never accessed it in public, it worked for me for a long time. It felt fine but I was always a bit uneasy knowing that my things were out of my sight even if on my person.
For my last 2 trips I switched to a neck pouch worn shortened and under arm "holster" style with the strap pinned to my bra strap. This is very comfortable and I really would forget that I had it on.
The only problem is that if wearing a sleeveless top (which I do occasionally but not often) the strap will show.
Since I now usually only use the pouch (with passport and extra money and cards) on travel days, I just wear something with sleeves or a light cover-up shirt.
I've been intrigued with the idea of the belt loop arrangement, but I never wear a belt. ;-)
I like wearing a scarf if it isn't too hot, but I think that having stuff in it would weigh it down and it would be obvious that there were items there.

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I have a Bagalini cross body purse with rons of zipper d pockets in it. Passports also go in an inside one, so double zippered. I have used a pocket that you pin inside your waistband only for credit cards when I think I will be in very crowded conditions or sketchy areas. Passports are n my Bagalini bag or the hotel or apartment safe.

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Yes, I used them on our trip last December. I brought 2 different colors/weights so I was able to switch depending on the weather. I kept my passport, extra credit & debit card, and emergency US cash in it.

I had to adjust it periodically to lay farther back on my shoulders instead of letting the weight pull down on my neck, if that makes sense. It was pretty easy to just set it back farther, but my neck did get a little sore if I forgot to do this. I folded the pocket part underneath the other loop of the scarf and no one could tell there was anything in it.

I thought it was a great solution and I plan to wear them again. There are Etsy shops with great reviews (yes, pricey), and some on Amazon that are more light weight and difficult to conceal the items as well.

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I wore one once, just getting on the plane. It did weigh my neck down, I came up with the solution of putting it more around my shoulders as well, but I was not into that very much. I originally wanted to put my phone in it as well, that did not work at all, it was around my knees. I ditched it after that and just put the items in a secure pocket or carried them in my wristlet.

They are usually made of synthetic materials, which I also was found of. I thought they looked cheap for the price I paid.

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Well, I would never have guessed such a product exists and have no doubt my spouse has zero interest in purchasing one.

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I have purchased three from InfiniteLux, all as gifts and the recipients love them. Funny, I don't have one for me!

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Thanks Laurel, I've been studying Sholdit for a few years, but not liking their fabric choices. These look like the fabric is higher quality. I'm getting sick of a money belt (leg wallet) and am thinking this would work great for my deep storage during transport. The rest of the time my stuff would be camouflaged nicely in my suitcase. I mostly don't travel in warm weather so this would work well for me.

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I bought one of the scarves mentioned above I found it perfect for the winter but not warmer weather. I also pinned a zipper packet inside of my waistband since I couldn't stand the belt of the moneybelt around my waist. I bought the pockets on Amazon.

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Thanks for all the responses! As with everything, there are a multitude of experiences and opinions, but I think the scarf may work for me and I'm going to try one for my upcoming trip to Basque Country. There seem to be some going choices on Etsy so I appreciate that pointer.

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You know we are all going to want a follow up report when you get back! Let us know how it works out.

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I think it's a good choice as long as you don't take it off it gets hot or uncomfortable.

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I would forget my scarf was also my wallet and probably put it down somewhere casually, whereas I know my purse is my purse and would treat it as such. My scarf is my picnic blanket, my seat cover, my sweat rag, at times a napkin, my modesty and my no hidden zipper for me in the scarf.