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Eiffel Tower Scam

My husband and I and our kids (ages 8 & 10) decided to skip the line at the Eiffel by walking to the first and second levels. We had been planning this for months and had a great time. At the second level I stood in line for elevator tickets to the top while my husband walked around with the kids. Out of nowhere a man appeared with four tickets in his hand. He said his wife had gotten sick so he couldn't use the tickets. My first thought was "I must really look stupid today."

The tickets have no date on them. There is only a barcode that is scanned when they are used. Thus there is no hole punch, red mark or any other distinguishing features that indicate the ticket has been used. Even while standing in line I could see a lot discarded tickets on the ground. I hope that nobody fell for this scam. The man disappeared as quickly as he appeared.

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Oh good, I thought you were going to say someone sold you the tower.

Because it's mine, all mine. I got a great deal on it last summer.

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That's a good one - I haven't heard about that Scam, and I've been to Paris five

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Interesting that he had the exact number of tickets that you needed. You were wise to refuse them, as sometimes the validation markings are very small and not easily discernible. In addition, there may be an electronic double-check on the validation which would make the tickets worthless (ie: after if a particular ticket number has been used for entry, that ticket number is then null and void).

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Where's the proof that this was a scam?

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Did he offer to "sell" them? or "give" them?

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It's the same scam they run with Metro and RER tickets. That is why it's a good habit to tear the tickets up when exiting the venue.