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Tourist Scams

Know the game

Tourists are targeted by scam and rip-off artists everywhere in Europe. If you know the games (spilling the mustard, bus 64 in Rome, and so on), you're less likely to be a victim. By sharing the latest scams (and learning from each others' mistakes) we'll all travel more safely.

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Title   Author  Replies Last Post cancelled my flight ticket and took my refund from the airline
25yearstraveler 34
EBOOKERS could steal your money.
aaroe 5
Scams still in Liguria/Genoa region
ABSea 12
Venice Picture Scam - women on stilts
Acacia 10
I just stopped a scam!
Adrienne 27
Why would i use Europcar again when they scammed us for insurance $650
ainslieberyl 15
Pick Pockets & Money Belts.
Amanda 14
Receipts & Debit Overcharges - Just a Note
ampshetler 15
Best brand for money belt
andreajm317 10
Renters Beware -- VRBO Coronavirus Refund Policy is Toothless
Andy 13
Viagogo Ticket Scam (Oberammergau and other events)
Anna 2
Ok, I'll fess up. No money belt.
Anne 69
Doesn't matter how 'theft proof your bag is' if...
aquamarinesteph 11
Clear bags to deter thieves?
ArielK 21
artiberius 23
Fake gold ring scam
ascentmgt1 17
Can you help me rent a bike?
athenafl 2 imposing unreasonable cancellation fee - Coronavirus
AussieNomad 19
Beware of fraudulent credit card charge 'SEI*Eurosports'
avirosemail 8
Pickpocket Poetry, Parisian
avirosemail 1
Are you getting friend requests from fake Facebook accounts?
avirosemail 22
Crowds at entrances and personal space preferences
avirosemail 18
Pedestrian Rue Sainte-Catherine in Bordeaux, France?
avirosemail 5
Rome: Pickpockets on Escalators
AVogan 9
Beware of buying the MUVE ticket for the 4 museums on St Mark's Square
bandj53 5
Managing Travel Stress
Barb 43
SOS--Airbnb host accused me of damage
Barkinpark 29
Diversion Scams
Barnstormer 18
Very High currency fees at some airports
Barnstormer 14
Getting my money back, the easy way.
Barnstormer 7
Pick Pocket Proof pants
Barnstormer 21
Beware of ASAP Tickets
baroloboy85 13
Rail Protection Price Scam
b_artz 11
headout is it a scam?
beasleyra 9
Nice: pickpockets on escalators
Bets 4
Have you heard about an app that can pick up your ATM pin code?
Bets 11
Even happens to professional travelers
Bets 16
Expérience and warning from a long-time expat in Paris
Bets 33
So You'd Like A Room On The First Floor......
Bill 18
CC info intercepted when booking hotel by email
BillP 14
blw9455 6
Security checks and money belts
bnuckols 7
Last Supper Scam
Bob 4
Short Change
Bob 6
New pickpocket target
Bob 19
Italy: thefts and bad deals, plus observations
bobbing 12
Pick Pocet article, The Atlantic, May 2019
bogiesan 9
RFID pockets, are they worth it, do they work?
bonnieamarsh 8
LONDON Oyster card Refund Snafu
bonnie.powers 17
Was this petition a scam
bookman6094 13