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Best brand for money belt

Hello All,

We are going to be honeymooning for 17 days in AMS, Paris and multiple cities in Italy - what brand money belt have you found to be the best?

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Have a look at the Eagle Creek products. Also check the travel store on this website and the Magellans website. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including waist models, neck models, etc.

Be sure that you don't access it where others can see. Keep your daily cash in an accessible pocket, and don't use your Money Belt for that.

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I traveled with an Eagle Creek version before I worked here, and until it wore out from long use, but lately I've just used Rick's no-frills version. None of them lasts forever, but any should work for 17 days.

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I prefer the waist belts in a softer material. If you have delicate skin, something to consider.


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I've used my RS moneybelt for several years. It's been fine to throw into the washing machine & line dry after each trip. My husband prefers his moneybelt that hangs vertically inside his clothing from a loop that goes over his belt vs. one that sits across his waist. I don't remember what brand he purchased for the vertical money belt.

The best moneybelt is the one that you actually wear, regardless of brand. : )

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I have two different Rick Steves versions. One is worn around your waist in the front and the other is held in place with your belt and can be worn on your hip. I was in REI yesterday and saw quite a few nice looking money belts. They had a tapered bottom that looked like it might be more comfortable than the RS version.

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I use to buy everything Eagle Creek, but lately I have changed over to Bagallini and really like the quality. There products were developed by flight attendants. They are made well and convenient. I just bought a travel wallet for our last trip and really like it. It has the protection shield so that people can't scan your credit cards in a crowd.

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Hi andreajm317:
On my last two trips to Europe (2012 and 2014) I used a chained wallet made by Pac Safe. This is similar to what is commonly referred to as a bikers wallet or truckers wallet except that the links of the wallet are much narrower but none the less still strong and the case itself was scaled down. It was useful for carrying credit cards, drivers license, folded banknotes, and transportation passes. It is too small for carrying a passport (I use a passport card which is the size of a credit card). In places where I felt relatively safe I carried the wallet case in my front right pocket. In crowded tourist area I dropped it down my pants leg for extra security. Here are details:

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Whatever brand or style of money belt you buy, machine wash it before your first use. It will be much softer against your skin that way.

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I do not wear belts. Most money belts require a belt for the loops to hold it.
I use money belt with a long clip that I can clip on to the waistband of my pants with the money belt securely on the inside hanging vertically.
It is also not at all visible.
I luckily have several because I do not seem to be able to find replacements for which I would gladly give the URL.
If anyone knows where I could find them, it would be much appreciated.