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Beware of buying the MUVE ticket for the 4 museums on St Mark's Square

Warning! If you are in Venice they will be glad to sell you a museum ticket for 4 museums around St Mark's Square. The catch is that they closed the separate entrance to the Archeological museum and you must enter it through the Correr museum. The problem is they will only let you enter each museum once. They would not let us into the Archeological museum because we saw the Correr museum the day before.

The Archeological museum is listed as as separate museum, but that certainly didn't matter to the staff.

I have complained to the museum network. Hopefully they will fix the situation. Their attitude seems to be very unprofessional since they list the Archeological museum as a separate entity.

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I was annoyed last month to find that this expensive ticket includes the Doge's Palace. Since I had already seen the Palace on a past visit, I decided that I didn't need to see the Correr Museum after all ... ... . Note that some of the nice local churches in Venice now sell a unified "Chorus" ticket for 20 churches, no matter how many you actually want to see. I know, "they need the money." But it's annoying to be strong-armed.

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a museum ticket for 4 museums around St Mark's Square

Is this the combined ticket you purchased?

Interesting. The website for the Archeological Museum notes (in Italian only) that "The Archaeological Museum is part of the museum integrated in the Museums of St. Mark's Square: the entrance coincides with that of the Correr Civic Museum, in St. Mark's Square, Napoleonic wing."

Sounds as if that wasn't made clear in English at the museum or in any accompanying info with the ticket itself?

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Tim, maybe I am not seeing something clearly here, but I don't understand the issue with the Chorus ticket. Most people don't get to 20 churches in the time they spend in Venezia, so this ticket gives more options than one is likely to use.