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EBOOKERS could steal your money.

Cathay Pacific cancelled a flight in January and returned the money ( my money ) to EBookers, but that't where they still are. No ticket, and no money. Not a single time have they even reacted on my mails. Nothing. You can fill out the form on their Homepage, but that is just a bloody waste of time. They don't care.
What a crooked company.
This is a warning: Don't waste your money on EBookers.

Update May 3d, 2024:
I just got this mail from CATHAY ( Still no reaction from EBookers - so that's what you can expect. ):
rom: cathaypacific
Fri, 3 May at 14:15
Dear Mr,
thank you for contacting us via WhatsApp regarding the refund status of your ticket 160-9172040991.

We have received a confirmation from our finance department that the refund has been successfully processed to your travel agent on the 24th of January.
Please contact the travel agent to request the completion of the refund.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Best regards,
Customer Contact Specialist
Customer Care Department
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

Date of experience: May 02, 2024

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Ebookers, which has dismal reviews on Trust Pilot, is owned by Orbits which is owned by Expedia. Perhaps you will have better results contacting them. You might also want check Chris Elliott’s website for additional contact information.

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One of the many reasons that it is always said to book directly with the airline.

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If the deadline hasn't passed you could dispute the charge with your credit card company

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I absolutely do not understand what advantage a third-party ticketer can provide.

Cheaper airfare!