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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Best Cell Phone Carrier - Traveling in Spain, Malta, Sicily, Italy and France
DavidC 4
Best choice for ipad mini nano sim card in Europe & US
Seth 2
Best Device for Internet, photos, etc
blueokoboji 4
best flight ear plugs
aleezapink 3
Best London Bus Route App
Raymond 8
Best Mobile App to deal with foreign currency exchange while travelling
xdavegrip 11
Best Mobile Wifi For Use in Multiple Countries?
James 10
Best Notebook to travel in France/ Spain with... Necessary or Not?
hollih 17
Best phone options for 2 months in NIgeria and 1 in Europe
Heidi 2
Best picture upload site that can be shared
advocatecare 18
Best place to purchase SIM card in Dublin?
tgreen 0
Best place to purchase sim card in Paris
pjkeeler 2
Best place to put Iphone while listening to audio tour?
Carol B. 8
Best Public Transportation Route Planner for Edinburgh
ron.rohrssen 0
Best SIM and Cell Coverage for Scotland
tjb4dcp 5
Best sim card for Nexus 5 cell phone.
tyler.morrow 4
best SIM card for phone in Paris for a few days- help please
glennlorrainer 2
Best SIM Card & Plan For Travel In Spain & France
valleyofthesun 3
Best SIM Card to Get in France?
Carmen 5
Best SIM & cell coverage Shetland & Orkney?
Courtenay 4
Best SIM for UK + Europe?
Leanna 6
Best travel camera?
studiowinfo 21
Best travel itinerary apps
marykkanatzar 9
best way for a woman to carry a big iPhone
tamikim87 31
Best way for members of four families to communicate while on the same tour
swoboda97124 12
Best way to take advantage of dual-SIM or e-SIM smartphones while traveling?
avirosemail 6
Best way to talk to people free
Daniel 11
best way to use Ricks self Guided tours
Hollygolightly2 17
Beware Verizon Euro Plan
Charles 17
Biking with GPS?
barbara8910 1
Binocular recommendations please!
KathiMc 16
fresh salmon 2
Blog advice
IggyStooge 1
Blogging App
Andrea 7
Blog question once again HELP!
Bets 14
Blogs as you travel
Paul 13
Bluetooth earbud
davebflat 1
Bluetooth earbuds
Diane 6
BofA app - order foreign currency
1885BD 29
vftravels 20
Booking tickets while on the road, public wifi
Dianne 9
Bought prepaid SIM card but lost capability when crossed border
skytribe 4
Bring the iPad or not to bring the iPad.....
Richard 33
Buy a cheap phone at Charles de Gaulle?
Alexis 5
buying a Smartphone - in Canada or Germany for use in Germany & Greece
NM 14
Buying RS Kindle books in Europe
Bill 9
Buying SIM card in Frankfurt Airport and Using in Germany and Switzerland
Packy 1
Buying SIM card in Italian airport on Sunday
yechielmarcus 0
Buy prepaid phone in Europe?
maxcarey 22
Call forwarding from US mobile number to European Sim number
mikerho2 13