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AutoEurope Travel Assistant

Has anyone used the AutoEurope Travel Assistant? It's basically a portable mobile hotspot with various apps, including GPS, wifi, translation app etc. Costs $99 for one month. Would like to hear about your experiences with it. Thanks.

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I have no personal experience with the Travel Assistant, but AutoEurope is generally reputable (I've used them for years for car rentals) so it might be a good deal. However, a lot would depend on the length of your trip, what the cost would be for GPS on your rental car, and what the cost is for international coverage from your cell phone carrier.

For example, I have T-Mobile, which provides me with cell coverage overseas for no extra charge, and the car I am renting provides me GPS for no additional fee. So the cost of Travel Assistant would not be worth it for me. In your case, I would do the math and figure out the cost savings, if any.

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It seems that your smart phone with a local SIM card would do just about anything the Assistant would do and would cost much less. Check out the Phones & Tech section on this sites Travel Tips.

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I’m curious about this also. I’m confused about what you actually get. This website has a “what’s in the box” section, but it’s just chargers, a car mount and a carrying case.

I’d like to know if everyone in the car can use the data, or is it linked to one device? Does it provide data while you are exploring away from the car (like in Venice)? We are a group of 6 taking a 3 week road trip. This might be useful. Our other option is to pay $10/day or $100/month to Verizon.

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We've used AutoEurope for years and have had no complaints. Europe is the only place we break out the GPS to save on mobile data. I usually update the maps annually (we bought unlimited updates with it), keeping us from getting lost and saving on local upcharges.

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Just to be clear, my question was not about using AutoEurope. We have also used them several times without complaint. My question is simply related to the value of it Travel Assistant.