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Apple Watch in France + Italy?

Hello Fellow Travelers,
Can anyone share experience with using an Apple Watch in France and/or Italy? I have not been to Europe in 18 years and I would like to use an Apple Watch. I have Verizon for my current iPhone and Apple Watch plan. Thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions/experience you can share!


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I was on BOE 3 years ago and my Apple watch was working for me
and have Verizon,too.

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Just got home from France…..put my Apple Watch on Airplane mode but left the cellular on as we had hippocketwifi and our own wireless network with us…..worked fine!

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Do you have a cellular-equipped Watch? They have the red bands around the crown.

Apple Watch Cellular

If so, you will need to make sure its separate line is covered in your international package. If your watch relies solely on the iPhone's line, you only need the international package for the phone. You should be able to use the watch for everything you can do in the States including use of Apple Pay.

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We just returned from RS 13 days in Southern France. My Apple Watch is NOT on any Verizon plan and my iPhone (which is Verizon-linked) was on airplane mode most days of the trip. My Apple Watch worked for Apple Pay throughout the trip with no exceptions and no international-dat charges. So easy, so convenient. But I have no idea how it worked, just happy it did.

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Hippocketwifi is a dream….don’t like looking and fooling with SIM cards……about $100 for 16 days…….service 24-7 no matter where you are or the time of day…………

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Thank you ALL for your kind and quick responses. I truly appreciate all of your time!

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@Jane, you are surely a fan of the French product, Hippocket. Have you had no issues with your US carrier upon return with ridiculous charges? I have ATT and they are unscrupulous for charging even when the winds change (joke of course). I chatted with ATT and told them my plans. Here's what ATT instructed and sharing with the rest (for iPhone):
1. Go to settings and turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Yes, turn off and continue reading....
2. Turn off phone
3. Restart phone
4. Go to settings, and turn off cellular and make sure radio icon is off (grayed out)
5. Turn on wifi and bluetooth
6. Connect to wi-fi unit as instructed from the company
7. ATT agent said to test, turn off phone again and restart and setting should remain in state.
And there should be no charges.

I exported the chat transcript for posterity should there be an issue.
So checking in with you and others on experience and is there a preferred similar for ITALY? I should have asked this earlier but I think I will also start a new thread with this content and see what comes back.
Thank you

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Or more simply - put phone in flight mode - leave it there and turn on WIFI - no way you will be charged so long as you don't turn on cellular

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SuperTuscan……another 🙌🏼 for Hippocketwifi…….so our son and his wife were here last night after completing a 6 week tour of Europe….he had to take his laptop to do work online while gone……they were going to some places they had never been…..I advised he try Hippocketwifi…..told us last night that it was a game-changer for him….he said that most hotel Wi-Fi’s were not strong enough and that his business Zoom calls, etc all went well without a hitch……he had to use it daily for work….they are incredibly professional and if you have a problem while traveling they answer your email immediately with a solution……I am all for people that follow up their claims with a solid performance….I like to toot their horn!!! Another plus…..on Black Friday they usually run a good special… can order a gift card and use it for your next trip……once again……I do not want any surprises when I get home on my cell phone bill!!!!…..agree with Lissie…..turn on Airplane mode and keep wifi turned on…….hippocketwifi gives you your own network and password to the unit you are renting