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Anyone try Cellomobile? Advice needed for renting a mobile wifi device to bring to Europe

I am looking into renting a mobile wifi device to bring to Europe and TelecomSquare is currently out of devices. Has anyone tried Cellomobile? Or any other company for renting mobile wifi devices? thanks!

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These days, I'd think it's more common to bring an unlocked smartphone to Europe and buy a local SIM card with data, then enable the smartphone's hotspot to provide WiFi for all the other devices. I have done this on my last few trips. (Or use my T-Mobile account in countries where they offer international roaming and free data - not every country.)

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I haven't used Cellomobile, but I have used Tep wireless and liked their service a lot.

I just have a T-Mobile USA account now because they offer free unlimited data roaming.

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I always use TEP, as well. Great service. I dislike changing my phone number and since I travel with others, we all share the data.