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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Pixel 2 phones with eSIM and nanoSIM slots
Bruce 2
Please do not delete your thread!
Lola 12
Please, take a camera
phred 26
Plug Adapters and Power Converters
ashleydoesyoga 8
Plug adaptor question
Lola 7
Plug adaptors and Extension Cords
John 13
Plug adaptor with USB port for charging - can I trust it?
Lola 20
plug needed for France
Nancy 7
Plug not grounded in Rome.
JoAnn 16
Plug or transformer for my Galaxy tablet?
Jane 6
Plug/Outlet Adapters for Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and France
chelseapiersanti 7
plugs in France
BG 7
plz recommend cell phone for parents
rakeshfeb1981 6
"Pocket" App is the best for "offline reading"
Shelley 4
Pocket WIFI - Great Britain
april.likescandy 5
Pocket WiFi Hotspot
Marcus 4
Pocket Wifi Hotspots
April & David 8
Podcast App
wrball 4
Portable charger
diveloonie... 11
Portable charger
christina.e 9
Portable smoke co2 alarms.
j.c.elliott 10
Portable WiFi devices
cindy 5
Post was deleted?
teleute 5
Mike 10
Power Banks in Museums?
djhill 5
Power chargers for iphones in Spain and France
bmkmatz 5
power & charging
kimsings1 8
Power converters in Europe
Archer65 6
Power outlets at Dublin airport
stoutfella 2
swetrich 12
Power Strip
Frank II 8
Power strip and Wifi phone question
lisaew 13
Power Strips
dnz 19
Prepaid Calling card in central Europe
Atul 7
Pre-paid Phones
Donna 19
Pre-paid SIM cards for Italy?
mfishman555 5
Prepaid sim cards/navigation
PJ 7
Preventing Cell Phone Theft
Frank II 16
Printing ebook maps
patandlindamo... 2
Printing out tickets in Europe
seacoastpet 12
Private Messaging on RS Forum
Sun-Baked in... 31
Problem with T mobile Netherland Messages App
Kateja 5
purchasing a smart phone data plan in europe
royal1233 15
Purchasing cell phone in Europe
Mary 5
Purchasing Sim card in Germany
jas_golf 2
purchasing unlocked phone in Zurich for use in Switz & Italy
Question about switching SIM cards when traveling
Julia 9
Question about website for trip reviews
advocatecare 10
Question about What'sApp
Pam 5
Question on sim card for iphone5 in Germany. Get at Frankfurt airport or in Munich?
Tina 3